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I have the feeling that even though my G5 has not shipped yet that we may see the 3.0 at MWSF now that would really raise the eyebrows of the world. Remeber when the G4 came out and Steve said people said we were 1 year away from this? I think there are some intresting times ahead. The road map looks really good. IBM is like a huge Tank even if there are large pot holes in the road they have shown in the past they run right over them. IBM along with Apple has a...
I think everyone will be seeing their Dual soon. Like I stated in other threads. Ordered on Sept 16th funds cleared on 19th of Sept. Given a date of 22nd of Oct., today they tell me I'm 3-5 days away at worst 8th of Oct. This was a EDU, CTO with 9800, 250 hd, and Blue Tooth.
why is there so much difference in speed on the duals. I looked at the memory etc.. on the test machines and it seems that does not make a difference shouldn't a dual bench pretty close to the same across the board?
Only thing keeping me from going to Stock is the fact I order two 23" LCD's and want them under the applecare warranty which requires them to be on the same receipt as the machine. My Dual was ordered under EDU on sept 16th Oct 22nd was the date until today. I called becuase I was shocked to find out the the Duals are selling off the floors in Novi, MI , they told me that it is about 3-5 days from shipping then changed it to oct 8th.
I ordered on Sept 16th under EDU and they told me October 22nd. I called today because you can now buy stock units off the floor at the Apple Stores. They told me 3-5's then he say oops let me look at the schedule again then said looks like the earilest is October 8th. I ordered 250 HD, 9800, and Blue Tooth with two 23" lcd's
only reason I did was I did not want the gimped retail 9800 version. Sucks butt cheeks they don't offer them as a seperate part. I know they did with the geforce3 and geforce 4 but not taking a chance. Sounds like the levels are reaching peak. If third parties and apple stores are getting them must be something holding the dam custom ones up
My first 23" I had did not do this but the two news one I just got did when I first turned them on. I now have no issues. On a side note my first 23" I had would show lots of pixels that were red or blue when I ran the Pixel tester neither of these two new display have any dead, stuck or flashing pixels. W00t!
I had a 23" lcd with my last PM a 1.25 first gen. It did not do this at all are you using an extension, or converter?
I order a Dual 2.0 with a 9800, BT, and a 250 HD plus two 23" lcd's. My ship date is 10-22 but then again I order on 9/16. My displays slipped from 9/16 to 9/19 which caused me not to get them until monday I had paid for over night but looks as if Apple does not use Saturday or night.
I was going to buy 3 but I'm waiting to see if the 30" comes to light then I will buy it.Serious
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