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Well there is a limit on the res ADC can handle maybe it is time for ADC2? The ADC Spec allows for a Firewire connection, and they need to add USB 2 into the displays. If there really is a 30" LCD on the way it would be a higher res than 1920x1200 so there is need for change. On another note my two 23" lcd's were suppost to ship the same day I ordered which was sept 16th. They have now slipped twice to Sept 19th. I got an email about stock levels blah blah... the dat...
Now this is weird.. Apple Cinema HD Display (23" flat panel) + Apple DVI to ADC Adapter B6703LL/A 1-2 bus.days Remove $2,098.00 $2,098.00 DVI to ADC Display Adapter M8661LL/B Early November Remove $99.00 $99.00 If you order just the DVI - ADC adapter it says November? But with a display it is only 1-2 days now.
I noticed when I was ordering my two 23" LCD's and dual G5 if I picked one with the ADC-DVI adapter it would be 3-5 week wait on the that display. That is really strange that they would do that when I could order the ADC-DVI seprate with a 1-2 day ship time. Is there some kind of bundle where they box them together, that would seem stupid. I bought two of those adapters for $59 each on the return table at an Apple Retailer. So no need to order from Apple Online Store.
I just order mine finally and they said they believe it will ship on the 19th of October. I guess that is not too bad. The two 23" Apple LCD's will be here on Saturday. Can't Wait.
Nice fake I have seen that mock up before. This is a scam.
Why not just use Carbon Copy Cloner? Clone the drive over to your new drive, and then boot to it and format the 160 stock drive?
Apple has already shipped 25,000 1.6's and 1.8's I read this on some site, not sure which one. I wonder how many preorders were for the dual? I saw on another site that they got 100,000 preorders but the site did not give the break down. If they have already of 25k out then things are looking good over the next few weeks. How many sites are building them I wonder? Anyone know Ireland is one of them from what I have read. Other might be Elk Grove.
The Troy Mi store has one in stock I beleive it was a 1.8 and they also had one in the window.
With CRT's on the way out I'm sure we will start seeing fewer dead pixels out of the box. I hope the two 23" LCDs I get are not jacked up...
How many here have a 23" LCD with Pixel problems? I'm getting worried I sold mine off to buy 2 new ones with my G5. I'm worried they will be all jacked up. Last one I owned had zero flaws. What has been they case for others?
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