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I agree the thread should be locked. But I also wish people would focus on a topic instead of flaming people on grammer. But that will of course never happen. I made my point I guess.
Sorry ment to reply... see I am a twit
Ensign Pulver: Ich bin so erbärmlich ich Sie umstürze. Ich habe nie gewußt, daß ich Punkt jedes "ich" gehabt habe, und habe jeden "t" in einem Posten gekreuzt. Ich habe nie beansprucht, ein bester verkaufender Roman Schreiber zu sein. Ihre Erwiderung war sehr nett, infact ich es sehr enlighting habe gefunden. Wann bittet Sie aus um etwas wie dies zuerst klagen, daß sich die Person wirklich Sorge macht, was der fsck Ihr Klagen ungefähr ist? Sorry it's my...
Who cares about the 1.6 / 1.8 muhahahahahaha...
Bahhhhhh 7-10 on the BTO's grr snif snif...
The shipping time on the G5 Dual's have changed to 5-7 weeks from 7-10. now is that becuase we are now 3 weeks closer to the shipping date? I think they put up the 7-10 about 3 weeks ago. I didn't look at the BTO's the ship time.
Yes you can, last year I bought a 23" LCD and a loaded 1.25 Dual. I had the 7k cash for it but not a high enough limit on my credit card since I want to get it from edu store. To get the $500 off the display I had to buy all of it at the same time plus for Apple Care reasons. So my mother in law put it on her card. When it came I sent in the rebate under her name and then signed up for Apple Care in mine. No Problems at all. I now find out that you can do a bank...
If we keep bumping this thread someday it will be right
So you have a confirm from Apple HQ that your store will recieve the 1.6's and 1.8's? Or is this just another guess? Thank you for the offer but I'm getting the 2x2.0 it's the fastest personal computer on the planet have you not listened to the commericals? I really could use a single 30" LCD over 2 x 23" LCDs but Apple will probably not release one soon. Man that would be tight 30" imagine the porn ahhh I mean workspace in photoshop.
So you work for a third party Apple Store like Comp USA? When did you guys recieve these calls? I've been waiting to order my G5 2.0 with 2x23" lcds. I've had a funny feeling that there will indeed be a new set of displays given the changes to the power lines. It only makes sense since all the pro stuff and servers are metal that the displays reflect that. I mean the iBooks, eMac and iMac are all White. Would only makes sense to me thoughts everyone?
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