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Let me qualify by saying I use an iPhone and Galaxy Note equally. If one cannot see the hilarity of this ad, they're truly an Apple fanboy, and Vice versa, if one thinks that Apple users are pathetic, you're just a fandroid. The headphone jack is on the bottom *mind blown* Each of these phones are great in their own respect and each of these phones have serious shortcomings. I for one will never be an apologist for either since I can look at both and say the lack of 'x'...
Lost mode is useless. what we need is the ability to lock the SIM card in the phone and the ability to disable the power button
DigiTimes ... Why do you folks constantly refer to these fools?
How many are "free" and how many are chinese knockoffs?
While the CIA may have detailed images like what Apple is offering, those images aren't available to every thief or terrorist. I don't want people to see the layout of my backyard or the path through the woods, or the snipper positions on local government offices.
For those who can't see a use... Earth Final Conflict GlobalLink phones anyone?  
It's funny... they call us sheep, but they're sheep themselves. We're all sheep/fanboys of what we love.
Tell that to the 5 or so women I see on the road on my way home with a phone in one hand that the wheel in the other. Also it would be more difficult for police to see someone who has a stylish HUD in their face.
Seriously, can we say distracted driving? I personally don't need to be bombarded right in the face.
My iPad isn't exhibiting this behaviour. I get booted to the home screen on iOS5b6
New Posts  All Forums: