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Ad blockers don't block ads, people do.
So the certain failure of this venture must be obvious to the partners themselves. Which makes me wonder: Is there some benefit to "being seen to be competing" in this industry? I just can't understand such a move otherwise. HP hasn't been great since the 15c calculator (and now there's an app for that).
I think Apple needs to be careful about changing the appearance too frequently. While people will update phones regularly, I'm not sure they want to do the same with their watch, and if it becomes clear their watch will be out of fashion in 12 months, they may lose interest, especially in the higher end models that Apple really wants to sell. A strategy similar to iPhone would seem better ... only change the appearance every 24 months. I also don't think slimmer *and*...
  Such rational commentary is simply not acceptable in internet forums like this. If you're not prepared to stick blindly to an extreme, straw man argument and purposely misunderstand others comments, please go elsewhere.
I agree, the upgrade program pretty much makes this rumour a non-starter. I could, though, imagine the 4" budget phone (which wouldn't be aimed at current iPhone 6 upgraders, but rather a new demographic) coming out early. Since it'll be older tech, it wouldn't steal the iPhone 7's thunder in any way.
The audience in these forums is of course skewed towards the "aficionados", who will never understand your point. You are absolutely right, of course ... I have a PS4, but rarely have the time or energy to settle in for a few hours of gaming, so typically play something for 10-20mins on my iPad instead. Being able to do something similar on the AppleTV will be a big draw, given how *most* people *actually* want to play games. And yes, Nintendo now has an even bigger...
[[SPOILER]]My thinking exactly. The content industry is really trying to keep Apple from offering a unified ecosystem (I.e. they want consumers to buy from dozens of providers). The only alternative for Apple, is the threat (and I don't think it's an empty one) of going it alone. Apple's cash stockpile will have the industry very worried. Ideally though, Apple would set-up a subsidiary for this, so as not to get distracted.
Virtually every article I've seen on this before mentions Google, Microsoft and Amazon in the same breath, but of course highlighting Apple is was gets clicks. If the others don't do it, their shareholders should be complaining. I believe strongly in corporate taxes, but the only way it can work is through well-devised and implementable legislation. Governments need to do their job.
Because every company takes advantage, and it would put Apple at a competitive disadvantage if it paid more taxes than required, while all competitors continue to avoid them. The law creates the level playing field.
Hmm, difficult to imagine the US dollar continuing to rise without seriously damaging the US economy. But I guess it just makes sense to hedge the debt across a range of currencies: they won't win, but they also won't lose.
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