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You are absolutely correct. I was (inaccurately) using the "go private" idea to express the fact that a $60 valuation would be approaching Apple's own cash on hand in the not too distant future which seems pretty absurd (compared to valuations of e.g. Amazon, in particular!).
yeah ... 3:1 would make it about right ... why the /s? 
This values them at less than about double the *cash* they have (I think ... doing the math in my head here).  Heck Apple could take themselves private in 5 years, if shares hit $60, even if revenue only stays constant :)
That dip right before earnings were announced was also totally predictable, based on recent years. Used the dip to pick up another 100 shares, and made 5% in a few hours. I'll be surprised if it doesn't go higher today. Sometimes Wall St. is so predictable
Indeed ... 78% chance he will say "Supply chain for the Apple Watch is constrained".  But yeah, love how this article is written as if Apple just decided this morning, that maybe someone needs to manufacture the processor. Classic.
Previous Brydge products have been heavily criticised for failing keyboards. It would be great to have a follow-up from you guys, especially in case you experience this as well.
But isn't the whole point that we've now arrived at a point where tech is no longer just there to fulfil some technological function. It's so ubiquitous in our lives that it's natural for aesthetics to play an increasing role. Given the increasing amount of time I spend with my computer, phone, tablet, tv, music, etc. form of course has increasing importance, assuming functionality is there. We don't choose our clothes based purely on their functionality, right? So why...
True. I actually find the "taped over" Apple as more effective: it says the producers wanted to use that machine even though Apple wouldn't pay for placement. It also attracts the eye in a "oh, what are they trying to hide there" kind of way. I've never seen a Samsung or Lenovo with their logo taped over, for some reason.
I'm wondering if all news iMacs will be retina, or just a top-end model, and keep the current version too. Otherwise I don't see how they can keep the price sensible at the entry level.
Well, it's allegedly Beats, not Apple that infringed. And I'm not saying they did. But Bose should have the right to have it considered in court without Apple resorting to this kind of tactic (which is still just a rumour).
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