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But doesn't Apple now owe lots of money too? All the bonds they issued in order to fund dividends (because they couldn't access the offshore cash). So their "cash pile"  is really 200B - debt, which I believe is about 43B at the moment. Or am I missing something?
But is it fair to compare a 2nd Gen iPhone 5 (i.e. the 5s), with the 1st Gen iPhone 6. The 5s may have lost value more rapidly due to it's "dated" design ... i.e. identical to the 5. It's a bit like comparing car resale values for the last year of an old model, and the first year of a new model %u2013 of course there's going to be a difference. iPhone 6 is awesome, just saying this analysis seems highly flawed in numerous ways.
Apple should simply rewards those artists who participate in the free trial period. Or rather, if you don't participate from the beginning, but then want to join Apple Music once there are tons of paying subscribers, you get 1% less on your royalties than those who had faith from the beginning. It'll still be way more that you earn from Spotify.
Nobody knows Apple's update schedule ... maybe they'll follow something closer to the Apple TV update pattern :-) Seriously, though, I think Apple will be carefully managing the update process. People who spend $1K or so on a watch don't typically think of it as disposable, but rather as an investment. And Apple is targeting  that crowd to some extent. So while it's clear an Apple Watch is never going to be something you pass on to your grandkids, I'd be surprised by...
That's essentially what I wrote a few posts later. Albeit with a few less ??s and !!s.
I'm with you, re: RAM. It would be nice if several (heavy duty) Apps could stay in memory, instead of essentially restarting, when I switch between then (notably games). Going back to 16GB, oanother reason Apple may continue to offer this is that it let's them advertise a lower price, which is probably effective in attracting customers, who then end up buying the 32GB model anyway. Thus even if they don't sell so many, the 16GB devices still play a role in driving sales....
What is it people have against "choice". Apple does make iPhones with more storage, and yet obviously sell enough of the 16GB models to warrant keeping them.  Equally, Apple does sell notebooks with more ports, etc. ... the new MacBook is for those customers who value different features than what those offer. I can't tell you the last time I needed more than one port (plus power) ... but I do value low weight and a great keyboard/screen experience. So for some of us, Apple...
This is very good news ... I was a bit worried Philips would take the more arrogant "we were here first, so use our interface" stance. I also love my Hue, and this means I extend the use of Hue bulbs through my entire house.
  Nothing is free. You can either pay up the price of a latte or two, or sell yourself to advertisers. This always reminds me of people who thinks subsidised phones are free.
Apple's iPhone has been "in" for many years now. I can think of few stronger "foundations" than being the best at selling a high-quantity, high margin product with the fastest upgrade cycle of any technology product. Apple's ecosystem makes it sticky, so it's not going to collapse overnight. The watch, Mac, MacBooks, iPad, Apple TV have much of their value in creating that ecosystem (i.e. in addition the revenue they contribute individually). It's tough to get used to the...
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