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People get the phone subsidised, not the watch. I suspect watch buying patterns to be more like the iPad, and since the "compute power" is less of an issue with the watch, doubt Apple will feel the need to update as often as iPad. I don't really care, one way or the other, I just think people assuming an annual update cycle might be disappointed. Just can't wait for my stainless steel with leather loop to arrive! What I do envision is Apple steadily introducing new straps,...
Well, I'd say 2 at the earliest. This is as much jewellery as it is tech, and I think buyers will be put off if their investment goes out of fashion too quickly. People paying 1K for a watch expect to wear it for a while before feeling the have to replace it. I could imagine a "tech update" coming sooner, perhaps, where they up the CPU and battery life, but keep the look unchanged ... but I still see that being 2 years out. Also Apple has often taken an "eternity" to...
I said "a peak" ... just one of many to come ;-)
One hopes. I also think people (and the street) are going to be disappointed if they expect iPhone-like revisions for the watch. My hunch is it'll be more like 3 years before we see a revision, maybe a little sooner if the competition really heats up.
 Indeed. It's also not surprising to see some profit taking (and hence drops in price) when the stock hit's a peak.
 That's what we Canadian's call: skating to where the puck was. Not good, Maynard.
So you would feel better if Apple gave up the revenue, and eliminated this option for those who find it preferable or more affordable. Got it.
By this logic, Apple should axe Safari ... which I'm sure is the biggest conduit for porn in Apple's ecosystem. But it was only ever a click bait article, right? I actually hope so.
Apple Watch 42mm with black leather loop order via the iOS App Store – which was operational before the on-line store. 4-6 Week delivery time.
New Posts  All Forums: