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 It feels like they have an array of about 7 mac minis serving the iOS update to the entire globe. 
Right, thanks  ... downloading it now!
Hmmm ... isn't today the 18th? So where is iOS 7? It should have been released hours ago, an that's assuming California time!
Nobody cares about "on contract" price anymore, even the US is moving to separate phone/contract models slowly.    But given the dreadful price of the 5C, it's good they kept the 4S.
Wow, 5C (16GB) is €599, 5S (16GB) is €699. 5S is pretty normal, and there lot's to like about the update. But Apple needs to shave €100 off the 5C *fast*. Stock is falling fast, and for once I can actually see why :-(  ... who would buy the 5C, with all the 5S offers at only 100 more?
Nobody cares about the "with contract" price, what's the REAL price. Phone looks good, but markets won't like the price ... Sounds like good margins, though.
Whether or not Apple is guilty, the Justice department really must go after Amazon now. It's abusing both it's (near) monopoly status and it's ability to sell below cost to (a) drive other retailers out of business, and (b) reduce the value of books to the point that no publisher will be able to support serious authors (i.e. that don't sell in sufficient quantity). While the pricing may appear consumer friendly in the short term, this is not consumer or author friendly in...
That's it! iWatch isn't a watch at all, it's the new Apple TV! We know they can't get the rights to iTV, so they're going to call it iWatch. And at the same time, it distracts SONY, Google and Samsung into thinking they need to develop a watch. Brilliant!
As the Apple faithful, we of course understand the message wants to send with this, and why. But I also see it as an ad with a number of weaknesses. Firstly the "Designed by Apple in California" thing is fine on packaging, but odd to push in this manner. I'm not American, but if I were, and wasn't from California, this could sound rather arrogant and elitist. Are they implying California is better than other states? And I agree the "and it means Everything" line is...
There are a lot of sound technical reasons why it's unlikely, due to availability of the displays (in sufficient quantity), cost, and power consumption. But analysts tend to not know or research such facts, and rather come up with schoolboy-like dreams about what the next product will be. I also suspect we may see the new iPad appear well before any retina mini ... Apple likes to release the new high-end models before the new low end. So I foresee a mini-inspired iPad 5...
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