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If Apple comes out with a phone at $400, analysts was say it's too expensive for emerging markets. If they sell one for $300, those EXACT same analysts will complain Apple's profit margins are going to take too big hit, and that iPhone 5s sales will be cannibalised. Regardless, Apple will make tons of money, as they have in every quarter for the past decade. Analysts aren't really relevant now. Apple is a clear value stock, which continues to have solid growth potential. I...
The big screen in my workspace (which I have), doesn't do me much good in Starbucks, on the plane/train, or on my sofa, in a meeting, at a conference or in the hotel. My iPad does, though. Tablets will evolve, sure, but won't disappear for a while.
The problem with 41MP photos is the size of each image. And most of the photos we take with our phones don't really need that quality or deserve that much of our storage. I suppose it's useful if its easy to select image resolution.
Same here. Multiple macs, iPads, and an iPhone, and no issues at all. And while outages don't necessarily affect all users, headlines about "global outages" certainly carry that kind of implication (even if there's a reading of "a few users scattered around the globe").
So ... Apple will perform at the upper end of their own forecasted range, while analysts have been touting all kinds of rubbish to manipulate the stock. Maybe investors will learn to simply follow Apple's guidance from now on ...
Well, there's nothing in her report that wasn't already "established" via previous rumours, so there's not much disclosure happening here.
It's highly doubtful Apple would be able to simply take over the contracts with record companies of any company it buys out. I'm sure those deals allow for renegotiations if the companies are bought.
Much as I love apple gear, I really don't see myself wearing either and iWatch or Glass ... far too intrusive and geeky. But then, I still think people look daft, like they're talking to themselves, when using bt headsets. Maybe geeky really is the new cool.
Well, maybe it'll take some sales from Samsung, and we know HTC pays Apple for each one sold. Win, win.
Google implicitly controls the press, and especially the blogosphere, since those outlets rely in google news to draw attention to them. So of course they aren't going to be be critical. More to the point, this isn't news. As noted above, people must know they're giving up privacy when they go the google route. They're effectively selling their privacy to pay for the products and services google provides. Live with it. Apple transgressions are news, in contrast, because...
New Posts  All Forums: