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But isn't the whole point that we've now arrived at a point where tech is no longer just there to fulfil some technological function. It's so ubiquitous in our lives that it's natural for aesthetics to play an increasing role. Given the increasing amount of time I spend with my computer, phone, tablet, tv, music, etc. form of course has increasing importance, assuming functionality is there. We don't choose our clothes based purely on their functionality, right? So why...
True. I actually find the "taped over" Apple as more effective: it says the producers wanted to use that machine even though Apple wouldn't pay for placement. It also attracts the eye in a "oh, what are they trying to hide there" kind of way. I've never seen a Samsung or Lenovo with their logo taped over, for some reason.
I'm wondering if all news iMacs will be retina, or just a top-end model, and keep the current version too. Otherwise I don't see how they can keep the price sensible at the entry level.
Well, it's allegedly Beats, not Apple that infringed. And I'm not saying they did. But Bose should have the right to have it considered in court without Apple resorting to this kind of tactic (which is still just a rumour).
I understand people criticising Bose as an audiophile solution, their sound is highly coloured (though perhaps pleasing to some, which is fine). But for noise cancelling headphones they simply cannot be beaten. They clearly have superior tech, have patented it, and that deserves to be recognised. I'm all for Apple maximising the potential of Beats in the Apple Store, but they should be a little careful at how they treat other brands.
So he's going to push for Apple Pay and Pay Pal to kiss and make up.
I don't think we ever really needed consoling, but er, thanks. Spec bumping (increasing memory, cpu, screen size) is not innovation ... not when Samsung does it, or Apple. It's just bloody obvious. There's been little true tech innovation since the first iPhone ... just incremental improvements. The innovation comes from the whole package. I would actually have said Android almost caught up to iOS a few years ok (not in ecosystem, of course), but now iOS is pulling away...
This was exactly my first thought. If PayPal feels that threatened, they must think Pay is going to eat their lunch.In general, I wonder whether these panic ads work ... at best they sully both parties, but I tend to think Samsung and PayPal come off worse.
There is a potentially infinite recursion here. If they win, they'll have shown yet further damage to Apple, and can sue again, wash, rinse, repeat.
Yeah, as with the 5c, Apple is going to be so disappointed when people go in the shop, attracted by the low price option, and then are easily upsold to an even better machine. What are they thinking?!
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