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As the Apple faithful, we of course understand the message wants to send with this, and why. But I also see it as an ad with a number of weaknesses. Firstly the "Designed by Apple in California" thing is fine on packaging, but odd to push in this manner. I'm not American, but if I were, and wasn't from California, this could sound rather arrogant and elitist. Are they implying California is better than other states? And I agree the "and it means Everything" line is...
There are a lot of sound technical reasons why it's unlikely, due to availability of the displays (in sufficient quantity), cost, and power consumption. But analysts tend to not know or research such facts, and rather come up with schoolboy-like dreams about what the next product will be. I also suspect we may see the new iPad appear well before any retina mini ... Apple likes to release the new high-end models before the new low end. So I foresee a mini-inspired iPad 5...
The keyword above is "American", this is where your argument falls apart. The low cost phone isn't targeted at the US. In many countries, you can get a service provider starting at about $15/month, IF it's not subsidising the phone. So $350 for the Low Cost iphone, plus $15/month, is VASTLY cheaper than your model ($99 for a 4S up front and then $75/month for 2 years). Do the math.
This looks incredible. Didn't just make it flat, but completely reconceived the physical metaphor in terms of planes, meaningful use of depth and transparency. This will be huge for the whole iOS ecosystem over the coming 2-3 years.
He said the native version will be updated later this year.
Were only shipments up in the first quarter of 2013, or actual sales ;-)
The DOJ views Amazon's model as benefitting the consumer, which it probably does in the short term. But in the medium term it destroys quality publishing, by devaluing quality content. Of course it has also led to a de facto monopoly by Amazon, but the DOJ would claim that's a separate issue, and maybe they'll pursue them next. If Amazon were broken up into separate entities, I wonder if selling books as loss leaders would still be a viable practice. In Germany, the...
So, how is "open" working out for you, google.
This means Samsung is plateauing, while Apple has room for growth in China. Good news for Apple and Samsung is doomed (well, this is literally how it would have been spun against Apple, were the numbers reversed :-).
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