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The DOJ views Amazon's model as benefitting the consumer, which it probably does in the short term. But in the medium term it destroys quality publishing, by devaluing quality content. Of course it has also led to a de facto monopoly by Amazon, but the DOJ would claim that's a separate issue, and maybe they'll pursue them next. If Amazon were broken up into separate entities, I wonder if selling books as loss leaders would still be a viable practice. In Germany, the...
So, how is "open" working out for you, google.
This means Samsung is plateauing, while Apple has room for growth in China. Good news for Apple and Samsung is doomed (well, this is literally how it would have been spun against Apple, were the numbers reversed :-).
It's not for sale, guys. It'll be spun off, as a separate public entity, but still controlled by Sony.
This could be one of MS stronger plays, though that's not saying much. It's still yet another box hanging off my AV receiver, for which I'll still need my over-complicated Harmony remote control. I really hope Apple figures out how to do it all right, but it seems a daunting task.
I use a range of state of the are eye-trackers in my research. While technology is at the point where this could be done reliably in a laptop, perhaps even a tablet (with sufficiently spaced stereo cameras, and a good size display), what's being described in this article is nonsense. Also most current technologies work poorly if the user moves w.r.t. the display, or lighting conditions are variable. Also while people can of course consciously direct their eyes, there are...
$399 without having to pay inflated monthly rates to make up for the $600 carrier subsidy you're also paying for, would be much cheaper than your $0.99. Or did you really think you were getting an iPhone for $0.99
If Apple comes out with a phone at $400, analysts was say it's too expensive for emerging markets. If they sell one for $300, those EXACT same analysts will complain Apple's profit margins are going to take too big hit, and that iPhone 5s sales will be cannibalised. Regardless, Apple will make tons of money, as they have in every quarter for the past decade. Analysts aren't really relevant now. Apple is a clear value stock, which continues to have solid growth potential. I...
The big screen in my workspace (which I have), doesn't do me much good in Starbucks, on the plane/train, or on my sofa, in a meeting, at a conference or in the hotel. My iPad does, though. Tablets will evolve, sure, but won't disappear for a while.
New Posts  All Forums: