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Ford says Mondeo has 2L engine just like 3 series BMW, but is much cheaper.
I can't imagine Apple trying to sell this only in developing markets. They've never done such a thing, and it would create a very unseemly grey market industry. The challenge is for them to find a product that appeals in developing markets, as well as in Europe and the US (i.e. for kids, or people who just want a decent phone ... those people do still exist), without taking too much from the flagship iPhone sales.    One issue is how much memory they'll put in this thing....
I'm not sure the 6 month cycle is great. Apple has been able to command a premium in part because the products had an enduring "I've got the latest" cache. A 6 month cycle actually encourages people to wait for the next upgrade (and then maybe the next), and even then it's not clear as many people will be prepared to pay the premium for something that'll soon be "the old model". That said, this applies more to a new March mini, since the iPad 4 wasn't really a new iPad...
LOL. At least they didn't claim the mini has a "single mono speaker". I also also love how the first three points of comparison are in fact just one point (display resolution) repeated in different ways. It's quite insulting that they think their own customers are too dumb to see past such disingenuous claims. 
Yeah, I think a discrete GPU would be important to distinguish from the 13" Air. Not sure the extra ports and retina display are worth the weight.
Phasing out of the iPad 2 is surely on the cards, so I'm not sure it's news to report the one analyst who simply stated the obvious. It would only confuse buyers -- not Apple's style. They might keep it until Xmas, but I'd be surprised.
If the weight is kept down, I might be tempted, but I'm truly spoiled by the11" ... a laptop I truly can and do take anywhere. But sounds like a winner for those who need both the power and want something more portable (I also find the 15" machines just too unwieldly now, I can't imagine buying that form factor again, except to use as a compact desktop :-).
The prices look very plausible. Competing well enough with the bottom-feeders, while still getting good margins for the higher spec machines, and differentiation from the iPod touch models (basically a screen vs memory trade-off). And yes, these prices would includes sales tax (VAT), so it could sell for equivalent prices in US$, maximally starting at $299.
Once again, Samsung reveals their own incompetence during the trial, since their own legal team had the means to know about this. Now they want to have the trial dismissed because they were incompetent. Nice try, but if the judge falls for this, we'll see defence lawyers increasingly adopt such a strategy of poisoning the trial, as Samsung clearly did at numerous times during this one (releasing evidence, unlicensed trial lawyers, and now keeping jurors in that they had...
Exactly, I don't see why people think it's free. It says explicitly (even in the graphic in this article), that it's $40/year. Furthermore, you can't downgrade (and thus will be paying $40/year) until 2050.
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