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Okay, so does this mean I should no longer purchase thumb drives as I have no idea if said manufacturer decided to install said malware on the device?
I think adding Bluetooth would have added tons of functionality, especially with remotes (controllers) or headphones. Controlling through wifi is laggy as heck and IR is well, can you say 80's.
I'd have to agree with you. Haven't seen the threads yet, but I can tell you with normal usage my battery barely makes it through the day.
Noooo. I was hoping it didn't have the teardrop design. The buttons are a pain to use on the iPod touch 4th gen. Hopefully it'll be like the 3GS (not so bad).
Not sure. But there's gotta be a reason hulu, netflix, etc. have native apps. Personally I like using native apps more than safari (they seem to be more stable for me).
Apple has a very strong education focus? Name an education app apple has made, please. iMovie? Pages? Numbers? None. It's called marketing. I'm still looking for apps that target specific grade levels for my daughter. Second, max is hardly "porn". Third, my kid would NEVER have my login details for my cable provider to actually be able to use this app, let alone bypass the pin for parental controls.
I still don't understand why they (apple) have a rating of 17+ containg "sexual content or nudity" if it can't contain it. Beside not only will the person using the app need admin privileges for their cable provider but also the app has parental controls along with a pin. In other words, the only way someone under age will be viewing is if the adult let them. My guess is the ones that are using this app are 'already' viewing max at home. This would only ruin it for those...
I'm still wondering when they are going to carry a decent NON-smartphone. I've been wanting to transfer my daughters' phone over from verizon, and doesn't need a smartphone (along with the data plan).....yet.
Can't imagine myself buying a 7 inch tablet. Too big for the pockets and too small for couch playing imo.
I believe the main reason of this article is that we are not going to have wait as long for it, not IF it was going to happen....hello. Personally I waited specifically for one with a camera to come out, now it looks like I won't have to be waiting as long as I originally thought, yay! Hopefully with retina display and by the holiday (dreaming of course)
New Posts  All Forums: