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"The company began next year starting at $899 for the 64-gigabyte model." - And AI confuses readers.
just a word of caution... there's a steady stream of 1-star reviews on this release complaining of crashing.  maybe wait for a fix..
i failed to restore from iCloud backup for several hours Thursday night... thought my phone was the issue but this seems to make sense now.
While a new TV interface may be cool my hope is that the iTV 'magic' will come in the form of a la carte programming. Maybe all the billions of $ lying around can help convince the key players.
apple is doomed!
http://www.patents.com/us-6816145.html Maybe i'm missing something... does anyone see a claim here that is inventive and not just standard LCD monitor technology + the super-awesome 1024x1600 ratio?
Patent an aspect ratio? I call dibs on 1:1.61803399
excellent point. The flip side is that at a $200 price point people may be happy with a web browser, book reader, movie watcher. Basically transient content.
I think this will be the common case. Scary when you think that apple makes a profit on each iPad and then profits on apps/music/video/book/magazines. Amazon will lose on each unit then hopes to make it up on content. The break even point in content purchases is probably close to the price of the Fire.
Code: rm -f apple_stockpiling_2m_third_gen_ipad_units_by_end_o f_2011.html
New Posts  All Forums: