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Make that +2
The issue really has nothing to do with good/bad parenting. The issue is user expectation. I'll venture to say that the vast majority of iOSers make purchases sporadically (not in 15 minute binges). Each time they are asked for a password. Well, one might assume that other purchases will prompt for a password also. The ease of the purchase also makes it more prone to accidental buying. A cat could walk across the thing and buy a bushel of smurfberries. Hmm, these...
So a 2 year old can equate a screen tap to monetary responsibility? This is not like the stories of a kid grabbing mommy's credit card and ordering a Papa Smurf Chia Pet from a TV ad. I've read one person in another thread here had watched their kid tap the screen quicker then they could snatch the device away. Re-auth in-apps... done
Consider that many people (parents or not) may not even know what an in-app purchase is. It was added well after the app store came to be, and as for the updated user terms popup... find me 5 people that have read through the agreement in its entirety.
yeah, judging by the posts here most people believe that as soon as you become a parent you become stupid. As stated by a poster above, I believe the fix should be a re-authentication for in-apps, not tied to the 15 minute session for app purchases. Just consider the use case: Parent buys app and hands to kid to play... oh yeah, and every iOS device has restrictions turned off by default. Lets assume that all 160,000,000 iOS devices will be managed diligently by their...
I agree from the cost side alone. I'd love a 2x screen but I can't imagine what that will add to the cost of the unit.
The simulator can be scaled
I'll only include paid apps:Logmein IgnitionAir Video
Walt asks "2 years?" and Joe says "maybe". Dunno, I'm not putting too much validity behind the answer. I really think WM7's success is going to be a marketing story. There's a big enough market out there, perhaps they could muster third place eventually. Copying apple's strategy could work for them.
Pico projector would be the most awesome feature that I never use. 2 weeks standby time 12 hours talk time 3.5 minutes projector time
New Posts  All Forums: