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Why not get a Pepper Pad ?
It's already buried in the old-timers thread, but I figure this deserves a topic of its own so that MaDToOL's legacy may live on:
Look what the cat dragged in:
Anyone have a cached copy of mosr.net? I'm looking for the Ryan Meader slideshow, with pictures. Why? Cuz it's funny. Archive.org has bits + pieces, but no pix. A complete copy of the slideshow, online or otherwise, would make my day. To get you started: http://web.archive.org/web/200009030...r1/start.shtml
Current speculation is that it will ship with/near 10.4, whenever that happens. Further speculation says that it will only be available on 10.4, no Panther version. Again, this is all speculation; only Apple knows, and as usual Apple isn't telling.
Apple hasn't released an implementation of JDK 5.0 for OS X or OS X Server. Sun's implementations won't work, they're only for Linux and Solaris. Presumably Apple's working on JDK 5.0. Rumor has it that it'll be included with 10.4 and may require 10.4. But those are just rumors.
Install the update 1 dev tools over update 2, it'll work fine.
Yes, but so is the check your facts button.
Update 1 should work fine. There isn't a Dev Tool installer for update 2.
You need to install the Developer tools package. You can get it from http://connect.apple.com/ (the free online membership should do the trick).
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