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In Mexico things are moving the other way around. Sort of. Carriers are now required to inform buyers if their device is locked. If it is, they must provide a way to unlock it without incurring in additional fees to the customer... IF the customer pays the full price for the device (not subsidized) or if the customer completes the mandatory term for his/her wireless bill plan, therefore rendering the device 'paid for'.
  It does read like an infomercial, almost. It's a very valid point. However, you also must consider the "editorial line" of the website you are reading. All news here will contain slight(!) hints that Apple is better than the rest (which I agree with most of the time, that's why I read Apple news here).   There are some good Android phones out there, but if you're looking for a comparison of those phones vs the iPhone 5, this ain't the place. And I own an kindle touch...
  I'm not complaining about the new cables. I understand that this was a necessary change going forward 10 years into the future of iDevices and their ecosystem. That's fine.   But this kind of smartass comment, the typical smugness, self-righteous complacency of Daniel Dilger makes me want to puke. "Yeah, so you poor folks who don't have enough money to eat should not dare to LOOK at this phone. Just go on and continue working at the Pay Booth on the Interstate. Next...
Haters gonna hate. Exactly. iPhone 5 is "boring" because everybody knew what it looked like weeks or maybe even months before the thing was announced. In reality these are really exciting times for Apple, they're batting like .900. Free iPhone 4, the new iPod touch has a really fast processor, a mini tablet coming out, and have you seen a Macbook Air? It's the sexiest Apple laptop since the Titanium G4, period. Apple is where the excitement is. Maybe they were expecting...
What amazes me is that we have so many (competent) mobile OS in the market right now. webOS, iPhone OS, BlackBerry, Android and you know Monkeyboy sooner or later will drop El Zuno Phone OS too.It sorta reminds me of the time when the videogame arena had the 3D0, Atari Jaguar, Playstation 1, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64. Only 2 of them survived.Personally, I can't use the iPhone OS. I won't say I hate it... but I'm not feeling it. At least not yet. And while I do have an iPod...
and it will be bought by drunk american springbreakers acting like monkeys in tijuana, baja and cancun.
why is this on AppleInsider? Oh yeah, because Prince McDork is a pathetic Apple fangirl. The tone Dilger uses to write her articles is just a tad condescending, like hollier than thou which to me, strips the piece of any unbias. Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting "piece of information" and I enjoy reading about other topics and not just mac stuff, but this has little direct relevance to Apple or Apple's OS. Yes, it's still interesting but this belongs on ZDNet.
It doesn't matter if it's CA or PA. It's an AD. Not *real* life. Not real, all staged, like American Idol, Wife Swapping Reality Shows, The Steelers' Super Bowl wins, etc... pick your poison.
jeeez, of course it's all fake, and of course everybody does that! That's the purpose of ads! They trick you into buying shit. People at McDonald's aren't as joyful when they sell you hamburgers. The Wendy's owner was never at the place when I visited. And the Verizon guy has never come by my house checking the wireless signal. Sprint's CEO does not walk NYC in black and white taking to himself. Danielle Dilger you are the worst pseudo journalist on the internet. How sad.
perhaps there will be a third party manufacturer that comes out with an adapter or headphones with controls that look just like the controls on the previous shuffle. that oughta make some of us happier. if not, well, 2nd gens are still being shown on apple.com and they will still be available for a while.
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