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 Indeed, but it's just one of the flaws in the rationale behind the article. There is no mention in the analysis that other data in the survey does not corroborate the  '35%' headline.  In the first pie-chart only 12% are citing screen size as the reason they do not buy a iPhones. This must also be weighed up against how many consumers who are currently 100% happy with Apple's existing policy of keeping their smartphones neat, compact and optimised for one handed use,...
No the 68030 16MHz was the Classic II. Hamstrung by using a 16-bit data path rather than the SE-30 which was 32-bit.No, it was the Classic II that used the 16Mhz 68030, but hamstrung with a 16-bit data path - it only functioned 32bit internally.The original Classic was indeed a 8MHz 68000.Best of the 9" compact macs was the SE/30. Full 68030 with 32-bit data path, better graphics and an expansion slot.I used to buy/sell/upgrade/repair old macs and early powerbooks on ebay...
Looks neat. I hope multi-user log in will be an iOS 8 feature.
 They go much cheaper than the A-class. Mercedes is just the luxury arm branding of Daimler AG which makes Smart city cars.  Also saying Apple and Samsung are taking all 'the industry profits' is disingenuous. Google rakes it in. Not through the manufacturing - indeed it lost out here with Motorola, but through it's own android-feeds-personal-info-feeds-advertising-profit business model. All this focus on Samsung as the prime copyist and competitor, in courts and in...
Good to hear Apple is updating this. It's not so much the speed bump that interests me, it's whether Apple have sorted the WiFi disconnect issue that many are still experiencing  despite "updates".  9 months and no fix.
I'd be happy if they just sorted the wifi on the last MBA. 8 months, no fix in sight.
 Simply not true. If this is your analysis, you have little business criticising others'. Not much wrong with the article apart from the comparison to MicroSoft. Apple has the premium end of the market sewn up with iPhone/iPad, and shows no serious inclination to go after the sectors which are growing. (Hey, we'll build a cheaper plastic iPhone and ... still charge a premium price for it.) Of course Apple could spring on us a whole new category of devices, but I can't...
 That wasn't their choice though, it was Apple's. Apple chose to pursue those who manufacture the Android devices through the courts, rather than  Google. 
 Come on, we had ugly shades of iMac that got past Steve … Blue Dalmatian, Flower Power. 
 At least they blend with the others. It's the compatibility between iOS and Mac OS versions that is the big thing for me. Trying to keep things synced with iCloud was a mess because of different versions - should all be seemless now. This feature alone would be worth paying for ... except it's free.
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