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 Simply not true. If this is your analysis, you have little business criticising others'. Not much wrong with the article apart from the comparison to MicroSoft. Apple has the premium end of the market sewn up with iPhone/iPad, and shows no serious inclination to go after the sectors which are growing. (Hey, we'll build a cheaper plastic iPhone and ... still charge a premium price for it.) Of course Apple could spring on us a whole new category of devices, but I can't...
 That wasn't their choice though, it was Apple's. Apple chose to pursue those who manufacture the Android devices through the courts, rather than  Google. 
 Come on, we had ugly shades of iMac that got past Steve … Blue Dalmatian, Flower Power. 
 At least they blend with the others. It's the compatibility between iOS and Mac OS versions that is the big thing for me. Trying to keep things synced with iCloud was a mess because of different versions - should all be seemless now. This feature alone would be worth paying for ... except it's free.
Retina Mini is the one for me. And as someone who's been critical of iPhone 5c pricing, I'll say I don't mind paying the extra here - the specs fully deserve it. Retina and A7.   And to top it off iWork file compatibility between iOS and Mac OS versions, now they'll have a seemless iCloud office experience. Terrific Apple Event. 
 I think my post in clearly indicates it's the latter. And if someone can't post their opinions about Apple's direction on a website devoted to Apple without being told, 'what business is that of yours', then it's a sad state of affairs.
Most minds except Tim Cook - who sees plastic as an opportunity to increase margins rather than be more competitive on price.If true this is obviously mixed news - neither of which I find surprising. The 5s is an amazing device and it's no surprise it's selling so well. I just wish they'd get mine delivered.Reducing production of the 5c is a disappointing response. Knock $100 off the price and they would fly off the shelves.= people hooked on iDevices = revenues to iTunes...
 Each time there's a MacBook Air article like this I click on the headline hoping to read that Apple have done something about the 2013 MBA wifi disconnect and performance problem. Alas not yet. Still, always good to hear that other issues are being resolved.
My iPhone 4S 32gb white, mint condition 2 year old with accessories. Apple trade in £54 Cash4phones offered £185 Ten companies over £170 Average selling price on eBay (last 10 similar tems sold in uk) £240. Less eBay/paypal fees = approx £210 Can anyone guess which option I'll take when my 5s arrives? Complete rip-off, Apple. An insult to your loyal customers.
New Posts  All Forums: