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  Setting the bar a bit low for a 'genius'.   I mean, it's a great product, and mine arrived yesterday. But, if you think that making a derivative product a bit smaller and more portable than the original is 'genius', then you're easily pleased.
  I think Nokia would do fine competing against MS simply on hardware. If I was looking for a Windows phone I'd go Nokia over MS every time.   MS reputation for building their own hardware still suffers from the XBox 360 red ring of death fiasco. Lots of burnt fingers still smouldering.
  Er, the poster was referring to MS potentially saving Nokia by collaboration on the Lumia models.     But MS could 'save' Apple's iOS by winning its case current case against Google's misuse of FRAND patents, which would set a precedent.   Rather important given the termination of the Apple v Motorola FRAND suit. 
  I went to have a look at the Apple Mini in an Apple Store yesterday. It was interesting listening to the comments of other shoppers/browsers. Very favourable reaction, but most already had a 9.7" iPad and still wanted a mini.   After seeing them in the flesh, I changed my online order from white to black.
  Good post. I wasn't expecting a Retina display, and if it had one then extra graphics cores would have been needed to drive four times the number of pixels. This warms the iPad 3 - not intolerably so, but it has been noted, and has increased power draw. With the mini using a smaller enclosure and a smaller battery to keep weight down, there would have been compromises here.   I was hoping for an A6 though.   Price is OK for Wifi models, but I expect the price premium...
  Is it really worth it? On cost breakdowns difference between 8Gb and 16Gb is less than 5$. And subtract the costs of having an extra model in the range.   The 'German Price leak' (if genuine) suggests you are right. But I don't think it makes much sense. Android devices specs will make 8Gb look stingy.
  In your own words absolute bull. There are obvious ways of gauging popularity of unreleased products, not least of all research into people's purchasing intentions - you ask them. You can also look at buying trends in similar markets, e.g. the android tablet market where multiple sizes are available.    We're not talking about a device which is so groundbreaking that people might not know they want it until they've seen it (like the iPad and iPhone when they were first...
  The term retina display was coined to express the notion that the display is pretty much as good as it gets because of the limitations in the human retina not being able to  detect pixels which were any more miniscule (when held at the appropriate distance). There is little point in going so far beyond 'retina resolution' as 326dpi. (1) higher cost (2) extra pixels means harder work for the graphics processor, again more expense, and more heat and juice drawn from a...
  You cared enough to click on the article title, read it, and make a post.
  Wasn't there also an issue with the graphics chipset, where Apple was saddled with inferior Intel graphics, rather than being able to use faster NVidia graphics because of some licensing spat?  For a time they had to use Intel on low end macbooks, and two graphics processors for top end. My memory is rather hazy as to the details, but this can't have pleased Apple.
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