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  You cared enough to click on the article title, read it, and make a post.
  Wasn't there also an issue with the graphics chipset, where Apple was saddled with inferior Intel graphics, rather than being able to use faster NVidia graphics because of some licensing spat?  For a time they had to use Intel on low end macbooks, and two graphics processors for top end. My memory is rather hazy as to the details, but this can't have pleased Apple.
  Ooh, I don't know ... maybe 'doing a Samsung' on the MacBook Air with the Ultrabook.
Good for consumers.   I'm sure Apple won't join in the 'race to the bottom' on price, but continue to look to the quality end of the market. None-the-less some price pressure on Apple due to competition will not go amiss.   I don't mind paying for quality, but what really annoys me about Apple iPad prices is the premium charged for higher storage capacity. In the UK it's an extra £80 ($128) for a 32Gb iPad over a 16Gb one, when the difference in cost of parts is...
Had hoped Office on Retina display was an iOS version. Never mind.
Was that not after the German courts had ruled against Apple for the push email?
  It's pretty simple. Finger on iPhone 4, it cuts out. Take finger off, you can call again.   Finger on, 3G slows or stalls. Finger off, 3G transmits as normal again.   Repeat ad nauseam.   I do doubt that my finger was causing disruption to the interchange between networks and carriers.   Not just my model. Not just my carrier. Every one of them in my local Apple Store did the same. Connected to all the UK carriers: Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Three. I went along the...
  Really? Details? Whereabouts?
  Most people prefer to upgrade their phones? What makes you say that. Very few people outside the iPhone base seem to. Very few in Android-ville as you term it. But Android-ville is most people!   But agree with your first point. Very misleading headlining "halves price".
  ... as they are in the rest of the world.
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