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Local EE/orange shop (uk) could only get 16gb grey versions. Higher capacity versions were available in limited quantities but were only going to their flagship stores. Still waiting for mine - 32gb
Yes, that's the point. It's the identical price to what "last year's" flagship has always been. Except ... it's a cheaper plastic version brought to you at no saving whatsoever.I'm not having a go the phone itself (I really liked my plastic 3GS). Just the price.
We don't have Best Buy in the UK so I wouldn't know what they are like. But it seems kind of weird for you to use the word 'plasticky' in such a derogatory fashion on a thread about an unashamedly plastic phone.
Nothing wrong with the phone - it's last years 5 in a cost effective case. The pastel colors aren't to my personal taste but ... tastes differ, and I can believe others will like it.What's wrong is it's overpriced. Not massively so. But it's just too near the 5S, I'm not surprised we're already seeing discounts.
Apple need to get their new versions to market, especially the iPad mini 2. Fantastic device, but it's a year old now, and the Android tablets, despite their shortcomings, show it up on screen resolution. Hopefully it won't be long - a retina iPad Mini and discounts on the current version would be a strong line-up going into the pre-Christmas season.
 Yet it looks like being a short and sweet one. Supposedly TSMC will make the A8 chip 2014, but Apple will go back to Samsung for the A9 in 2015. At least according to the Korea Economic Daily (July 15) 
 All these companies make plastic phones. They all lose money. Therefore Apple should never make a plastic phone. Well, using your brain. Apple has risked its premium brand name by selling a plastic phone, that (whilst good by plastic phone standards) is a clear step down in quality from the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. They're taking the risk already, but for the sake of increased profit margins, not for competitiveness in price sensitive markets.
 Apple will never do dirt cheap, we're talking middle ground, where there are profits - not least for a company like Apple who can recycle previous technology, minimising development costs. No-one need debate whether Apple should make a cheaper iPhone. They have done. The 5c. Those who've got their hands on it say it's decent quality compared with some other plastic phones. And, yes, it runs the best mobile OS yet. It's a terrific plastic smartphone. But none-the-less a...
I tried QuickOffice before Google got it's hands on it. I much preferred Office2 from Byte2 - much better interface and it works well with Dropbox. Would prefer to use iWork/iCloud - will probably switch if Apple updates things so that iOS & Mac versions use the same file format.
 You're comparing it with last year's flagship model!  The 5 on which it is based is now last year's technology. It has been superseded. The right comparison, is with last year's 'previous model'.  The 5C is exactly the same price, despite the savings plastic affords.
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