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Extremely disappointed. You don't have to be an 'analyst' to see to it.   People on this board said 'Apple would never make a cheap, plastic iPhone'  - it would damage Apple's premium, quality brand reputation. Of course they would never go low end, and race to the bottom. But expectations were of a cheaper model.   Now we have something far worse - the said cheaper plastic iPhone with last years technology, (in kid's colours). Except it does not have the one single...
If only Apple had imitated the Lumia's colour range ... they'd have some colours I wouldn't actually mind owning. Like black. Or a true red rather than pink.   Not that it matters to me - silly to a buy a 5c at such a small price differential to the 5s.
 I thought MS was free, but only to subscribers of the Desktop versions - but could be wrong. Which would make it either free if you have it, or a very very expensive option. It may be a harder blow to Byte2, DataViz, Google's QuickOffice - but they do have better support for alternative cloud services, like DropBox, Google - iOS iWork only does WebDav.
I'm sure that was a big part of it - and a welcome move. One of a few reasons I stuck with the 4s. But I think the 5s may tempt me.However, there's also stylistic reasons for the change - there's more of a consistency in style with the other 2 colours.
Surely the MS suit only worked because of MS's monopoly with Windows. iOS doesn't have that.
Can't believe the price. Device is right in other respects, just too darn expensive IMO. 32gb 5C = 16gb 5s. Trade a 10-20$ (at cost) memory upgrade for better camera, A7+M7 chips 64bit,, fingerprint sensor, and a high quality aluminium case. Hmmm. Can see the price of the C dropping before too long. Disappointed. Apple won't increase market share with this as a 4s replacement at this price. I like the 5s revisions a lot.
 I have a sneaking suspicion, that a fair proportion of Apple's customers may in fact be women and younger users. Like others on this thread, I much prefer a smaller, more discreet device. I still use a 4S - I didn't upgrade to a 5 because the form factor isn't as good - size, proportions. And from the look of the display models in the Apple store, the design of the 4S seems to be more hard-wearing as far as scuffs go. Sure, some users, like yourself, do seem to want a...
Is it just me or do other people find the two dark blackish icons on the home screen a bit of an eyesore? I'm coming round to the pastel colours and flatter icons, but the black seems to go against this.
  I'd keep hold of that 4 year old  iPhone 4.  Such early prototypes are hugely valuable.
No. But the number of people reporting wifi issues with their 2013 MBA s on discussions.apple.com thread 5100655 is worrying. Works fine with latest Airport gear (hence comment).The Wifi update has not helped the vast majority, although it did solve other issues. Really hope apple get it sorted as it's a brilliant little laptop.
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