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Here's hoping they update their wifi network at the same time.
I'm all for a plastic rear case. My iPhone 3GS felt much better in the hand than my 4 and 4S. Jobs made such an issue at the intro of the iPhone 4 about it being a mm thinner - which I'm sure it was at it's thickest point. But picking them up it felt the other way round because of the 4's squarer edges. The 3GS didn't feel cheap - plastic comes in varying quality and it seemed fine. There was no flex which made earlier plastic phones like the palm treo / centro feel...
I'm surprised there's been no further discussion on here about 2013 MacBook Airs failure to hold a wifi signal issue. The vast majority of those who reported it on apples own forums have said the 'wifi update' has not resolved their issues, although it did cure the variable volume, and photoshop display problems. Even replacement MacBook Airs still have the same wifi issue. I'm holding off an upgrade of my MBA - shame, the increased battery life looks so promising.
You're making 'who is making the most money' rather than adoption rate the 'winning criteria.I couldn't care less about Apple making money. I'm a Apple user, not a shareholder. But I do care about the installed user-base. Large share = best support in terms of apps, peripherals, website support, adoption of iOS standards.
Which would make the A6 in a mini just as worth while.(yes, i'd forgotten about the connector switch).
Apple did this with the iPad 4. Only difference with its predecessor was a faster processor.This could be done for the mini using an A6 processor, with increased RAM. This would not compromise battery life, heat, thickness etc as the A6 is more power efficient than the A5. It can only have been cost, or the desire to preserve a speed differential in the range as an iPad 4 advantage justifying its a higher price point, that led to an A6 not being used in the mini from the...
The article fails to mention the biggest problem that some users are experiencing. It's not that the wifi speeds aren't as fast as they should be - that would be a very minor unconvenience until sorted. It's that wifi disconnects completely after a time - varies from a couple of minutes to a longer time. It seems to be a compatibility issue with older routers - it works fine with the latest apple ones, many may not have noticed it depending if their router is ok. It's a...
Good article. I think the suspicion will be huge, especially over the ability to record via a camera, and wondering where people's attention is. Smartphones are sometime invasive enough when used without basic courtesy, but at least you can see when someone is looking at, recording with a smartphone. I don't expect this to take off - imo it hinders rather than enhances basic human interaction.
  File parity is the biggie - much more important than full feature parity. Even if some features would overcomplicate the iOS version, that would not necessarily preclude sharing a common file format. Sync via iCloud would be improved immensely from the mess it is today.
Most of the smartphone/ tablet owners are more wealthy than those don't own the same.I wouldn't want it in my own country but I don't see the problem - if the French want to use tax this way that's up to the French. 1% isn't going to make a huge difference - VAT (sales tax) differs by much more than this across the EU anyway.
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