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Good article. I think the suspicion will be huge, especially over the ability to record via a camera, and wondering where people's attention is. Smartphones are sometime invasive enough when used without basic courtesy, but at least you can see when someone is looking at, recording with a smartphone. I don't expect this to take off - imo it hinders rather than enhances basic human interaction.
  File parity is the biggie - much more important than full feature parity. Even if some features would overcomplicate the iOS version, that would not necessarily preclude sharing a common file format. Sync via iCloud would be improved immensely from the mess it is today.
Most of the smartphone/ tablet owners are more wealthy than those don't own the same.I wouldn't want it in my own country but I don't see the problem - if the French want to use tax this way that's up to the French. 1% isn't going to make a huge difference - VAT (sales tax) differs by much more than this across the EU anyway.
Fear of cannibalisation of high end iPhone profits, is sometimes cited as a reason for Apple not producing an iPhone at a lower price point, but Samsung does seem to sell plenty of high end phones despite having lower cost options.
If typing was the only consideration, I'd prefer a physical keyboard. But it isn't, and I could never go back to one because of the loss of screen space, or design compromises with slide out ones.   Well done Blackberry in offering choice: keyboard or full-touch screen. Whereas I don't think Apple needs to provide this option with the iPhone (as it does not have an existing user base sold on keyboards the way Blackberry does), I do hope Apple will offer more choice...
Some of the Apple products I have owned:-   Classic, LC II, Colour Classics (with Mods to PowerPC), LC475, Performa 6320, 5400, 5500, iMac G3 (for my kids) and Mac Mini    PowerBooks 100, Powerbook Duo 270, 2300c, PowerBook 2400c (had to import it), PowerBook G4 12", MacBook 13", MacBook Air 13", MacBook Air 11" (3 in our house now)   iPod, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Nano (fatboy)   Tablets: Newton 2000, Newton 2100, Original iPad, iPad Mini   Phones...
Not interested. I'm not into this search for the next device type - watch, glasses, whatever. What I liked about my first iPhone was that I could do with 1 device what I'd previously used 3 for - palm pda, phone, iPod. I don't want another thing, just further refinement of what I do use.
  Because maybe next time they'll go for something at a lower price point from someone else if Apple doesn't. A well rehearsed Apple philosophy - not being afraid to cannibalise your own sales - it's better than having competitors doing it.   Because if they do those who have less money to spend on phones would then consider an iPhone who otherwise wouldn't.   Because growing the user base secures profits down the line through iTunes media and App Store sales.   Because a...
  Fair point. And good to see Apple has addressed this ... in Mountain Lion.   But I'm using 10.7 which doesn't allow this.  (It's not that I'd begrudge the upgrade costs - it's because of legacy apps.)   And the other sync issues due to different of file formats on iOS remain. I really hope Apple addresses this.
  I find those most frustrated with iWork, are those who use it. I've always used iWork, and it's predecessor AppleWorks, since it was known as ClarisWorks 2.1.    Apple has seriously neglected iWork on OS X, (as it did for long periods with AppleWorks).  iWork 09 => very minor update in '12.  Says it all.   Forget arguments about feature comparison with MS Office. For those using an office suite on both a desktop/laptop and tablet/smartphone - elegant synchronisation is...
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