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  Not me. In fact I'm not buying an iPhone 5 because I prefer the 4s size and format. But I can see that there is a market for them. And if you're keeping it in a handbag rather than trouser pocket, then compactness may not matter as much.   Relating that to the main thread point ... if Apple is seeing success with making an iPad range with different sizes, maybe that will translate back to the iPhone. I for one hope we see an iPhone range with both a larger size for...
  The 'problem' Apple faces is expectations to keep the iPad Apps working sweetly without modification. This means it has to go either 1024x768 (iPad 1 & 2) or quadruple the pixel count with the 2048x1536 of the 9.7" models.  The latter would give a 326 dpi screen, which is more than Retina on a tablet. This is overkill - given the 'as good as the human retina' concept. As you imply it would require an A5X or A6X processor for the graphics, and give power (and possibly...
  Couldn't agree more.   It's perverse this "ah, but Apple makes the largest profit" line. This will have shareholders cheering, but Apple charging a lot and screwing me (the customer) out of more money is not something I want to celebrate.    RE Smartphones - Apple has simply conceded the market by only going after the top end. No range of smartphones (it doesn't really count offering last years at a bit of a discount). No large iPhone for those who do want a big screen...
  This isn't universally true though, is it.   As much as I love my iPad mini, a glance at the screen shows you it's anything but 'state of the art'.
  That's right. Nobody else in the entire world apart from Apple understands that people will pay more for a higher quality products.   Shhhh, not so loud!   You don't want anybody else to twig on to this and start using higher quality components manufactured by ...
  Each to their own.    I bought the original iPad but sold it not long after - it was too big and heavy for me. Found myself using my MacBook Air or iPhone rather than the iPad. But the mini is the iPad I've been waiting for - just so much more comfortable to use and carry with me.
  No, it's embarrassing for Apple to make a huge blunder like this, period.    It's the more embarrassing for Apple because the old Apple App/Google data was very decent.     As for your last comment. Snigger. Talk about paranoid. 
  Maybe I'm not the only one who prefers the 4S form factor - size, proportions, glass back. 
Any sign of multi-user log-in coming to iOS?
Tried it today, but was disappointed. Nokia may have better data worldwide, but the Apple App is so much better executed.   So I'm sticking with OS 5 on my iPhone 4s until either Nokia improves the App, or Apple it's data, or Google comes up with a decent solution.   The old Apple App on Google data works best for me just now.
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