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To the buyer of 300 shares and 800 call options... Do you mean 800 call options controlling 80,000 shares or 8 call options controlling 800 shares? BT W this analyst call may be intended to max pain the option market at 115 by Friday. If you're an option trader you'll know what I mean.
Gee how about an actual scientific test with a scale and a press so that a measureable repeatable test could be done. Just saying I thought he pressed his thumbs directly next to the volume controls on the plus the clear weak point. And plus 1 to test galaxy class phones.
Nice this has got to be outside of the msft business plan of "lock them in with applications". If someone could make a better word and excel then the software world could get interesting.
Article needs fixed: The Department of Justice on Friday rev .... Should read: The Department of Extortion on Friday.... If apple was losing money overall this suit would not exist. It is becoming a practice in US to have to take care of the ruling class I'm afraid. Hey maybe this is why amazon doesn't want to actually earn any money or at least show any profits.
Ah yes a highly courageous analyst call.   Apple is at 500 so 525 is possible!  If AAPL was a 50 dollar stock the call would have them rise to hold it.....52.5 wow what a gain.     Or did he mean AAPL could go up one day 25$??
Now that is a dedicated switcher.
Why can't the bezel be asymmetric, fat on two sides so you can use in portrait or landscape one way, but with a totally grippable bezel.  Maybe that would require a left and and right hand version.     It would be too un apple.   
Have to say that Cook did a very good job in dealing with the senators who really are looking for sound bites to show how strong they are against corporate america.  He maintained his cool, and did not rise to the bait that they tried to get him to so they could look good.   Rand Paul's comment about "why are we even having these hearings on apple" made me reassess Paul in a much more favorable light.  Plus it was funny.   Like bank robbers congress will go where...
Constable Odo   Seriously you think that google has gained from moto purchase?   You should read the 10 Q filings and pay attention to what the moto division has directly gained goog or lost them.   Granted that goog is up, but that relation to it's stock purchase of moto is debatable.  The hammer has not yet fallen about the value of the patents it acquired, but something like 19/21 of the worlds major phone makers (android based) are currently paying...
If apple is going to focus on ebooks ... Get ebooks working on macbooks and pros, if I've got the screen I want to use it!!! Seriously if I had one question to ask apple management it would be "when am I going to be able to read ebooks on my mac?"
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