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I believe the reality at the time was that apple was solvent, but needed to settle with msft vis a vis patents and keeping office on the mac, msft's investment kept apple alive as a viable competitor which at the time the monopoly msft needed to keep DOJ off their back, a win win situation. This may have been the beginning of the cross-licensing patent agreement which is often referred to as well. That has, I believe run it's course, hard to find information on that though.
Apple designs, patents (the process for unibook construction),does the marketing, the form and content design SSD, wedge, lack of optical, instant on etc etc, and then these ultra book clones come in and use their intellectual property and their manufacture facility (apple is said to have bought the milling machines for the unibody process in their supply chain investments) using a subsidy from intel to try to undercut the process and apple haters ask why apple takes...
Stockholders next, pretty please.
RIMM is going to be a lot less expensive in a year or so. Or for that matter maybe tomorrow.
Foxconn is building a factory in Brazil because of an import tariff of something like 40% in Brazil effectivley doubling the cost of technology to Brazilian consumers. It is a protectionism type tariff.
Yes I do believe that some of the 1% are national treasures. I think Jobs was, Stephen Hawking is, as was Einstein, one could argue that Rockefeller Ford, and those who built the infrastructure of the 20th century were as well. It takes too much energy for me to hate or envy any of these people. To be clear this is not talking about the Bernie Madoffs of the world, they are criminals, and should be treated as such. Some of the historic 1%ers like Carniege, certainly...
Really the 1% argument?? Jobs was one of the 1%, as were almost every historic figure you can remember. They did not all start as 1% ers, they rose to that point. Read Jobs biography for his specifics. Consider this: a sci- fi novel had a theme that space travel and colonization killed the earth, by taking the 1% off the earth the colonies thrived on the innovation of the 1% , the 99% doomed the earth to stagnation, and inability to change fast enough to overcome...
Something along the line of an express 34 PCI card slot was what I was thinking of as the penultimate dongle. But then if the first accessory offered enough expansion then where would be the onus to create more? Like this http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Sonne...ology/ECHOE34/.
USB 3.0 would have been nice as would a PCI or esata port, now that would have been useful.
And leave them selling what? Who is going to use their software if they don't, let alone allow their platform to expand? It would have to be a phone manufacturer, and that would mean not nokia, and would have an android maker change platform, who would it be? Show me the business plan.
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