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And leave them selling what? Who is going to use their software if they don't, let alone allow their platform to expand? It would have to be a phone manufacturer, and that would mean not nokia, and would have an android maker change platform, who would it be? Show me the business plan.
In Foss's description of the suit he notes that the spanish judge was in a community of 25,500 people, one who likely sees many world class lawsuits (sarcasm). I would think that apple might want to appeal this finding and take the suit up to a more regional or national level where the legal system is likely less related to the petitioner. Courts can be capricious particularly when they get out of their comfort zone. I would think that this company would have filed in...
WRONG WRONG WRONG yes shouting. Many cancers are cureable with medical treatment. Metastatic testicular cancer has cure rates of over 80%, that's cancer in the lungs and all over the body. If anyone is reading this don't believe the untruth. Hope your record for apple related posts have a tad more veracity. Sorry about the caps a PSA (public service announcement was called for, not prostate specific antigen).
Steve was a buddist so maybe he is aggregating his consciousness somewhere for a reappearance in another form. I'd like to think that he will be reborn as a third level mind as in EE Doc Smith's Lensman series. Or maybe he'll be the fly on the wall or the worm in the apple or the glint in your eyes.
Qualcomm paid the frand patent fees. Apple uses licensed qualcomm chips. Apple gives samsung a wink and a nod. Why are we still talking about this?
To MacRulz in particular... You seem to think that apple owes Samsung frand licensing fees. That might be true or not. What I think apple will argue, with solid backing, is that since they are using Qualcomm chips for which qualcomm has already paid the frand licensing (there are your missing "receipts" btw), that asking apple to pay as well is a double payment. I don't know the legal basis for this but it seems to me if you use a licensed product that you should...
You do realize that apple has to make this sound urgent so that the court will act in a timely manner, it doesn't really mean that apple is worried about samsung, only that damage will be done if an infringer is allowed to sell through.
Aapl is now such a big market cap company that it faces problems from it's size in the markets. Many mutual funds and retirement funds can only own a certain percentage of one stock and aapl has by it's growth gotten to that cap. Almost all the funds own aapl it is only a question of how much. The problem arises because who is left to buy aapl when it is already so widely owned. There have been rumors of aapl being added to the dow which could be a boost, but the dow...
Amzn's pe is vulnerable to individual state's collecting sales tax, like California recently tried to do. In fact their whole business model which has a four percent margin will collapse if when the states start collecting Personally a five percent bump in their prices makes them less compelling. In truth I don't find their store design attractive.
One might want to keep in mind that the Orcl vs Goog suit will almost certainly result in some licensing fees for Goog/android if not an injunction. Any device based on android has this risk built in. So the final price to amzn may be higher than the reported $180 BOM.
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