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Silly me can't find the amout of memory the fire has. I like to store some files on my devices so that they can be used on a plane or boat or remote locations, so while the cloud is nice, local storage is nicer. How much does the fire have?
Investment bankers don't like buying at high prices so from time to time they put a negative spin on news and lo and behold the stock goes down, when they have whatever positions they want... They issue an updated note. Just wait and see.
Does safari run on any android phones or tablets? Don't local stores get their promotional materials from a regional office? I rather doubt that the local store went to a kinko's and came up with an ad campaign. So maybe someone in Italy can check out other stores within a store and see if they have the same wall paper.
Samsung is going to pursue a suit against the iphone 3gs which is a 2 year old model. I thought patent law said something like if you don't take action within a certain time frame then the patent loses some of it's exclusivity, that is that the design is in the public domain. Thinking that will hurt sammy's cause.
[QUOTE=MacRulez;1947573]There may be other reasons why the stats collected at NetMarketShare and StatCounter demonstrate such a broad disparity with sales and activation rates. This Nielsen study shows a very different picture of usage rates, contrasting with NMS and SC but more consistent with most other metrics we can find: http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/06...ns-make-sense/ What do you think is the reason for the differences between Nielsen's data and...
Title says it.
It would but what I'm talking about is measuroing the proportion of ipads to other tablets on cell networks. This would give the android numbers the best showing as I'm sure that the cell providers are pushing android with data plans. Would have to compare providers with both android and ipad, so verizon and ATT. 4G numbers would be interesting as well as that would measure how many zooms were upgraded, at least I think it was the zoom that could be upgraded to 4G.
Apple has sold 28 million iPads in 2011. If there are only 1.5 M android sets on the internet I would say that at most 2 million have been sold to consumers. That would give android a 7% market share, if we give all others (windows tablets, HP etc.) except ipad another 7% then that puts apple at around 85% of the market. Time will tell.
Maybe the numbers of sold tablets could be estimated by looking at the number of tablets activated on cell carriers. Or perhaps the number of web browser hits on sites could be identified by tablet type. Has anyone seen these numbers? They would of course have their own biases like sprint would not be expected to activate many ipads. These type of metrics mght actually measure the relative shipped vs sold numbers.
Merrill Lynch was sold to Bank of America in an attempt to avoid the fate that Lehman Bros had. It was sold for I believe $40 Billion.
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