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The so called apple tax is now a microsoft tax where manufactures other than apple have to pay msft for the operating system. I don't know what oem pricing is on this but say it is $75 per machine. That's a tax that apple does not have to pay. The big box builders have to pay both msft and intc (or amd a little less) before they get any profit for themselves. This is why HPQ and Dell are having trouble competing . And yes intc and msft are going to have to lower...
Wow am I the only one who sees this design for what it is? Clearly the underground torus is a linear accelerator, being disguised as a subterranean "parking lot". The clear purpose of the linear accelerator is to generate anti-matter, need one delineate what that is used for!!! With the anti-matter the propulsion and "self contained energy" generation is explained. As is the need to get the power usage off the grid... Further the anti-matter is known to be...
Nothing. You had to see the mass of people twice to realize the excitement, and as the crowds increased the thrill approached infinity.
Skochan Google plowed through the copyright laws in the book case and ended up with some rights to books which I think they got extremely cheap. If they had had to negotiate with each copyright holder they never would have gotten the deal they did and would never had been able to get it done in a timely manner. In effect google did what they wanted the hell with others rights and settled after the fact for a better deal. Looks like the same thing they are trying to...
Usually when seeing this kind of a vendetta, and I say vendetta because I do not believe that CR has given all other phones the same testing, it is about money. Apple is probably not slipping CR any backdoor money or some other quid pro quo. Who knows it may be as simple as not supplying them with samples to study or buying their staff phones and contracts. Unfortunately that's the way the business world can work. I used to be a CR fan but often found that their...
Aapl has a PE according to yahoo finance of 23, but if one takes out cash on hand then the PE is closer to 15, yet PE is not the only thing investors look at. Check out the PEG ratio, any stock with a PEG less than 1 is a buy. Aapl's PEG is .87 (based on an absurdly low estimated growth of 22%-when earnings growth is actually 75%) , msft 1.02, goog 1.18, amzn 2.71. So where do you want to put your money?? And who is overvalued??
Jobs holdings in aapl are:" 5.426 million shares of Apple (most of it from a 2003 grant of 10 million shares, later reduced to pay taxes)" http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2009/10/...illion-richer/
Anybody seen the actual complaint? Must be some way to get the court filing papers. Katie Marsal can you get the text of complaint?
The problem with the dying print media is that they are desperately searching for revenue. And here's the important part...they think that by charging more for their content digitally they can get it, and that consumers will pay more for the convenience. What they don't seem to grok is that free sites beat them to the punch. I guess if you want their "filter" then you'll be willing to pay for it though.
ADC NO please no Give us esata a port for usb 3 On a portable player (ipod ipad) maybe but please not on computers.
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