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 Whenever I try that I end up accidentally spitting my gum out.
I think that they are realising that this initial release will be, by Apples standards, a flop. It will be the most functional, and best selling smartwatch out there, but will sell well under initial forecasts and well under what the market expects from Apple. Why else will they be selling by appointment only if not to up conversion of interest into sales.   Steve Jobs's greatest gift was to know when the masses were ready for a product and what that product needed to...
Interesting, I first read about the leak because it was highlighting in my Google News. I did not have to search for it, it was close to the top of the tech page that I always browse through. And this AppleInsider article is also highlighting in my google news   https://news.google.com/news/section?pz=1&cf=all&ned=us&topic=tc&siidp=a7380273489fc5c529c65635e75e06fb49b9
I have to say this is a really ugly watch. But maybe I am bias. I never liked rectangle watch faces. But I do see them in the jewellers still, so I guess they do sell.   Must admit it is a more functional shape for a screen though. More usable real-estate for a wrist worn computer than a circular screen.
Just goes to show that watches are out. I haven't worn one since I stopped doing triathlons in 1992. None of my friends wears one except for sport, and then they need a water-resistant one (not splash resistant like the smart watches are). Finished sport, watch comes off.    My grandad still wears a watch, as do most people in his bowling club.   There are millions of apple fans out there who will buy anything apple (something that android does not have) but outside of...
When you consider Justin Bieber got 80 million last year, these guys are all getting underpaid.
You don't need MS office apps to edit Word, Excel or Power Point on an Android device. Plenty of other apps for that.
 While this is the seasonal spike period, it compares it to same period last year - also a seasonal spike period. Sales in the spike period are up over last years spike, which shows overall growth in these markets.
Does not matter if it is preposterous or not, it shows that companies have been thinking bout folding phones (not just screens) an publishing concepts for a long time before Apple filed this patent.  Where is the innovation in Apples patent?
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