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In real terms Google only partially bought them. From memory, google's capital investment arm already had made a substantial investment in the company, so part of the purchase is cost for one part of Google and profit for another.
Most people were using android. I know several people in this crowd, and they all use android at this moment. Three months ago they were all using iPhone. When the next big android drops, they will change to that. Come October, and they will all be on the newest iPhone again (if same cycle). Whether testing it for media review or for their teloco, using the latest released device is part of their job. Some of those I know are android fans, while for others, October can not...
Last week I ordered three iPad Airs using my android phone. Not in the US so not a black friday offer. My kids want an iPad for St. Nicholas (A dutch  feast that is not Christmas and not Santa). I tried to talk them into an android but they went with the iPad.   But they are young and have a lot to learn.
 No, Britain is not the entire world. It is not even the entire UK. But the company does sell to residents of the US, and has set its website up to make this convenient for people living there (as it has for many other countries). It is a world wide business, and is legally said to be trading in those countries. Being based in the UK, it would have to abide by international treaties for the collection / payment of sales tax, and would have to submit approriate tax forms in...
   I know this information may change your view of the world but the internet is world wide. newsstand.co.uk trades in every country that somone places an order from.  Do apple call their product something else in the UK? 
And newsstand.co.uk has been providing newsstand services in electronic form since 1995 Interesting that Google must have copied Apple and should be sued for it, but Apple did not copy newsstand.
As an avid android fan, the one thing apple has had that other phones do not is a great camera. The HTC and top line Samsung have good cameras with so fun features that apple do not have, and varying strenthts, when it comes to overal photo quality Apple wins out. The iPhone 4, 4s, 5 all out performed the samsumg or htc phone that was released 6 months later IMO   Have not had a chance to play with the 5S or 5C
My wife and daughter both updated yesterday. Wife on iPhone 5 - no problems at all. My daughter on 4s is having all sorts of problems. Her main complaint thought is she thinks it looks like her old HTC Desire screens which she hated.
It may be stronger than normal, but it is the most plastic looking plastic case I have seen for a long time. Looks really tacky.   The one good thing Apple did do was not make this device as cheap as people expected. Apple has worked hard to forge a reputation for having premium products. They cost a bit more but you can rely on them for performance and durability. Producing a "for the same price as" phone to compete with cheap offering from other makers would have been...
Use of tablets are more widespread in the Netherlands than this. My daughter got an iPad half way through last school year. Only group one (first grad of secondary school) got them, which made higher grades quite jealous.  They will continue to work with iPads for the remainder of secondary education. Next school year, which begins in 2 weeks, the new group one will also get them (school years is staggered by region in the Netheralnds so that there are times in summer...
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