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When you consider Justin Bieber got 80 million last year, these guys are all getting underpaid.
You don't need MS office apps to edit Word, Excel or Power Point on an Android device. Plenty of other apps for that.
 While this is the seasonal spike period, it compares it to same period last year - also a seasonal spike period. Sales in the spike period are up over last years spike, which shows overall growth in these markets.
Does not matter if it is preposterous or not, it shows that companies have been thinking bout folding phones (not just screens) an publishing concepts for a long time before Apple filed this patent.  Where is the innovation in Apples patent?
How is this innovation - tech firms have been working on foldable screens for many years. Likewise, foldable/flexible batteries and other parts are also being worked on. Why would they do this if not to make a foldable device. One foldable part does not work unless the rest follows.    Here is a concept from 2009 with the phone folding like a wallet   http://www.engadget.com/2009/04/16/kyocera-shows-off-preposterous-beautiful-eos-folding-oled-phone
Companies need to realise that:    1) Many consumers and stupid  2) Some smarter consumers will pretend to be stupid if they think they can make money.   That aside, it might be good for Apple to lose this case. That will force all manufacturers to list available free space. Unless they are running pure or near pure Android, Android manufacturers (especially Samsung) will need to add more storage to make similar claims as Apple.
 So what you are saying is that you do not think that Apple's systems are as robust as those from Google and Microsoft?
Whether it is public interest or not depended on the results of the case IMO.  As the case was dismissed, it is not public interest (as opposed to what the public are interested in).
I am not making a causal relationship, simply dispelling the causal relationships made by Apple][  - "Yes, it's basically because they're poor" . And iPhones are not 200% more expensive in Italy or France, while the median wealth in those countries is 200% more than the US.  
  Actually the median wealth in Spain is about 50% higher than in the US. The  median wealth in Italy and France is about 200% higher than in the US. Mr Average in  Spain, France, and Italy has a lot more disposable income than in the US.   While many of the top 1% in terms of wealth live in the US, the standard of living int the  US is one of the lowest in the developed world. China is the only country in the table that has a lower standard of living than the US. People...
New Posts  All Forums: