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Things are going bad at Microsoft. They can't afford new Macs for their developers so have to get them second hands ones on the cheap.
Microsoft opening a store is like Shell opening a car dealership. Never going to work.
 It could not be any worse.
You wouldn't. The phone will know you are at your desk and will not need to be unlocked with print unless you request this.  When out an about and carrying the phone a sensor on the back makes much more sense.  Very easy to access and many people hold it here all the time. In ergonomics terminology it is called an "internal precision grip" and it makes the phone much more comfortable to hold.
 My point is exactly like I stated. It being on Samsung since 2013 does not alter that. It being available on all android through third party apps since 2013 also do not alter that.
   You seem to be assuming a lot that was never in my post. Just saying that when Android M launches supporting split screens some apple fans, if try to form, will be saying Android copied the iPad. They didn't. They simply took an old idea and applied it to a tablet. No real innovation just good use of expanding processing power of today's devices.
 But wait until the new version of android has it. Then you will hear claims that Android copied Apple. No-one will mention that the Android M preview build, released 6 months ago, had split screen functionality that splits into quadrants, allowing two, three or four apps to be used simultaneously.  
 Or Apple just got it wrong.
 It is not that remarkable. Lots of people want big-screen phones, and millions chose an android only because of the screen size. Most wont run out and big-screen buy an iPhone as soon as they are released, but rather wait until their contract expires. Some of those who bought a newly released samsung one or two years ago are now upgrading and have the option of a big -screen iPhone. As a lot of people are on two year contracts I would expect this trend, based on screen...
 Fascial is also an adjective. Facial Recognition Systems recognise faces by comparing facial features in an file to facial features data stored in a database. Facial Recognition is a perfectly suitable term.
New Posts  All Forums: