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I have spotify, but only because it was a promotional bonus when I was shopping around for a new internet provider - free full Spotify thrown in and payed for by my provider. Wonder how much this type of deal added to spotify's  total income.
As a stock holder of AAPL if it cause a drop in sales and therefore trade value, then that is a financial loss I would gladly bare. Some things are more important than the thickness of my wallet.
This simply shows that the way Apple (and most other companies world wide) allow for career development and motherhood is below the standard that it should be.   On a side note, every career orientated woman should make sure that discussing career development and parenting responsibilites is a priority before they chose a life partner. One day we may reach a stage where men bring this up, but until then...
I am not sure apple want them. What could have gone wrong in deal? Most likely is that they could not meet one or several of apples requirement - production costs, speed or quality - for Apple's "secret plans".  My bet is that Apple would be looking long and hard at graphene as a possible replacement for saphire before they consider snapping up this company. Of course this is a wild guess as I do not know what Apple have planned, but graphene is a very interesting product...
All this stuff is not for me.   Tried a polar heart rate monitor a few years ago. Got expert advise as to how hard to work, etc and followed it. Stopped enjoying running, so gave away the monitor. Now I just run how I feel and to hell with what the scientists say I should be doing that day. Running on my feeling is my addiction.   But I know dozens of people who do not have a budget limit when it comes to the latest training gadgets. Running based on technology is...
Interesting that the phones bent around the buttons on the side, but the stress test shown did not focus on this point. They seemed to deliberately avoid showing a test designed to focus on the claimed weaknesses in the frame.   Of course that could also be editing done by a journalist who did not pass secondary school physics.
Looks like the Santambrogiomilano group might have to tear down their simple glass cubed house that went on display late 2009   http://designyoutrust.com/2009/12/santambrogiomilano-simplicity/
There are problems with google's parental control on chromebooks, but there are parental control apps in the chrome store that work well. 
I have an idea - why not just remember where you parked it.
And when this patent finally does get thrown out, as it should, Apple and Samsung should both sue the patent office for expenses trying to enforce / defend against a patent that should not have been granted in the first place.    Predictive text / auto complete has been around for 40 years.
New Posts  All Forums: