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It was never going to happen. I can't believe how many people actually bought into this.
I guess HP still doesn't get it. There is an installation base of 1 billion PCs and 4 billion mobile devices. Why not focus on marketing to carve out a larger portion of the bigger market? WebOS on PCs will be a failure.
Why would anyone have expected the same amount of interest as when the product was initially released? Obviously when the iPhone 5 comes out it will be released on both carriers as the same time and that is what will bring the lines around the corner to the Verizon stores.
They are too late in the Game. Take a look at Microsoft's Zune. It is a decent player and the music distribution scheme is a more price appealing one than Apple's but they can't gain market share. Apple had brand loyalty and excellent marketing for its' products. Microsoft has never been able to market after the successful Start Me Up Windows 95 campaign it went down hill and continues. Nokia shares were down substantially after the MS alliance announcement. It...
You are talking about a 2/3 drop in advertisers. Sure you can attribute the time of year to a drop of 15% to 20% but 66% is the bottom dropping out. If Apple wants to charge these premium prices they are going to have to incorporate their advertising across all platforms.
We blew up a stock market bubble under Clinton that started to deflate in April of 2000, the effects of it were not felt until Bush took office and instead of doing the right thing and let the economy purge itself of the malinvestments and restructure Bush had his first stimulus with the tax refund from the budget surplus that Clinton left him. When this did not work Greenspan began cutting interest rates until they hit 1 percent and he kept them there for 1 year. The...
The basis for my statement is the current fundamentals of the U.S. economy relative to the currency and the effects that is will have on the market valuation of Apple's shares. There is nothing political about it.
Could you elaborate on your statement as is it ambiguous. Also lets not forget that the as of 2006 the publicly held part of the U.S. national debt. was 4.9 Trillion dollars and since then it has been amassed to a total of 9.3 trillion. Do you think that we can just continue borrowing in perpetuity?
So I guess that you consider 0% interest rates and increasing the monetary base by a factor of 300% inconsequential to value of our currency? It also has had no effect on us not having deflation proportional to the economic contraction the we experienced 2 years ago? Then there is quantitative easing which is the Feds attempt to control the long term side of the yield curve which has failed as indicated by the raise in interest rates.Apple is U.S. based but it doesn't...
And why is the Euro going to crash?As a whole the EU is a creditor while the U.S. is the worlds largest debtor nation.The only difference between the U.S. and countries like Greece and Ireland is that the U.S. can still borrow and also print money.At some point the rest of the world will publicly acknowledge that the U.S. cannot payoff its' debt and then drop the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency. This is known as decoupling, once this happens the rest of the...
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