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Can you import movies that you own on DVD onto your iTunes account?
Could someone please explain it to me? I have my own iTunes account and my dad has a separate one and I would like to share between us some songs so we don't have to waste money buying duplicate songs. Please Help!!!
I am currently working my way through the Bible. And I'm only 12.
(yeah, this against what I said earlier, but arguments CAN win people over.) Your point? There were INNOCENT Muslims who died on 9/11. Saudi Arabia is it's own country, they don't have to do anything for US, unless you want to move there (why do that? its in the middle of the desert?) And you seem to not read every post, just the ones you can respond to.
Last I remember, AL Qaeda planned their operations in the Middle East because they couldn't be as easily found out as in, say, NYC.
NEARLY, as in they're wrong about me. Back on-topic, I still think they shouldn't do that. Because as you guys said not all Muslims are terrorists but what about the people building this mosque? Are they terrorists or innocent Muslims?
If they treat EVERY new person like this I'm surprised people are still signing up.
I am not this 'Camp David' person I am someone different. I have profiles on a lot of websites and all of them on this name. I have not registered here before and I am not a troll. And what is wrong with posting my own opinion? I seriously did not know that there were innocent Muslims who died on 9/11. And why because I am new do you AUTOMATICALLY assume I'm a troll?
I am not racist. Try opening a Christain church in Mecca or one of the other Muslim holy cities. See what happens. And you still have not answered me why they can't open a Mosque somewhere else.
Eighty or so Muslims? I did not know that there were that much hijackers.
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