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Yes, Apple licenses its China map data from Autonavi.
 If you are referring to GSM/Edge, yes they will all work on China Mobiles network. If you are referring to LTE, it is hard to say as TD-LTE is currently not listed as supported by the China Telecom (A1533) and China Unicom (A1528) models: http://www.apple.com/cn/iphone-5s/specs/ However, interestingly TD-LTE is listed for the A1530 model on the US site: http://www.apple.com/iphone-5s/specs/
 You guys really need to get this right - the headline should say "no contract", not "unlocked". Yes, the iPhone is unlocked but that is not a significant point as all phones sold in China are unlocked.
 Yes, this is how phone subsidies work in China - you pay up front for the phone and you get a portion or all of it back over the life of your contract (you get a discount on your monthly bill). If they did it the US way, the Chinese carriers would end up with people running off with the "free" phones before their contracts were up. I should add that many folks here get reimbursed by their employer for their mobile phone charges. For these folks the higher cost of iPhone...
Let me assure you that they can. Those people who say that Apple's products are too expensive for Chinese consumers don't know anything about China. Even folks in the lower income bracket are willing to spend a month's salary on an iPhone or iPad.
My understanding is that anything manufactured in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone will be charged import tariffs if they end up being sold domestically. The reason is that companies such as Foxconn get tax breaks for setting up shop there, so if they sell their products domestically then their domestic competitors (who do not enjoy these same tax breaks) would be at a disadvantage. So yes it would seem odd that something made and then sold in China would get charged...
No, it's not difficult at all for them to block access to external services. In fact, it's very easy since all external Internet traffic goes through their firewalls. They can block anything they want, whenever they want. The reason why you were able to access Gmail using the Mail app on your iPhone is because IMAP access to Gmail is not blocked. If you use a mail client such as Outlook Express on your laptop you will be able to access Gmail from within China as well. As...
  I agree. I was actually surprised by how quickly Apple was able to get the Chinese App Store up and running. Companies need to go through a lot of red-tape (and "grey-tape") to operate over here, it appears that Apple is playing the game right. Google could learn a few things from them.
This is the mall at Guomao in Beijing, right?
 I don't play games, nor do I purposely scroll at an angle. But I noticed this problem with my iPhone 5 when quickly scrolling up/down through large lists (such as my email inbox) using my thumb. When scrolling fast in this manner the motion is not perfectly vertical, it's at an angle and in fact it's more like an arc. Some folks may dismiss this as a trivial issue. However, this is how I regularly use my phone and it is annoying.Anyways, I'm happy to report that after...
New Posts  All Forums: