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 I too noticed this issue with my iPhone 5 when scrolling rapidly through emails, etc. However, after upgrading to 6.0.2 the problem seems to have gone away.
This update seems to have fixed the diagonal scrolling issue. At least my iPhone 5 no longer "stalls" when I scroll quickly on a non-perfectly vertical manner.
The Apple Canada store is showing "Available: 2-3 weeks" for all models and I was going to ask you folks if I should tack on another week for shipping, however I just noticed that the US store says "Available to ship: 2-3 weeks" so I'm assuming it's the same. Earlier this week it was showing 3-4 weeks so I might just wait another week before ordering - I've got a friend who will be visiting from Canada in early December so it's a bit tight.   Some of you may recall...
$20?? What a ripoff! Over here China Mobile is providing Nano SIMs for free! My wife and I just got our official China Mobile Nano SIMs last week. We were previously using cut Mini SIMs, without any problems I might add, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to get a real Nano SIM since there was no cost. Ironically, the card cutting method actually cost us money as I had to buy a SIM cutter (~$4). Of course, at the time that the iPhone 5 was released China Mobile hadnt started...
  Dpreview has posted an initial review of the camera in the iPhone 5, and as I suspected the improvements are mainly in the software - better (as in, adaptive) noise reduction and sharpening, and an extension of the ISO range to a max of ISO 3200 (from ISO 1000 in the 4s). What's interesting is that at higher ISO's (above ISO 1000) it appears the iPhone 5 is using pixel binning to reduce noise, however the tradeoff of doing so is a loss of resolution.   Have a look at...
  You can get a cutter that will cut a 2FF and/or 3FF (micro) SIM to 4FF (nano) SIM or you can try to do it yourself using an exacto knife. This is the cutter that I got, it works great:   http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=20067504316   Oh look, the same cutter is also available on Amazon (though at 5x the cost!): http://www.amazon.com/Cutter-iPhone-Convertor-adapters-Shenit/dp/B009FWTEEC/ref=pd_sim_cps_3   Officially the nano SIMs are supposed to be slightly thinner...
  Got it, so the unsubsidized phones are still in short supply.
  This poster claims to have purchased one.   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/152924/non-contract-at-t-iphone-5s-can-reportedly-be-unlocked-via-itunes#post_2199464
Also, I thought all iPhones sold in HK were unlocked?
What do you mean? Isn't the carrier-free being sold in Apple stores in the US (not online)?
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