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  Wow, that's incredible attention to detail. I shouldn't be surprised, but still am.
    The iPhone supports several methods of entering Chinese characters. The first is a commonly-used romanization system for Chinese characters called 'pinyin' - you basically spell out the Chinese characters using abc's (Google for more details). This isn't really anything special as pinyin has been available on the earliest feature phones sold here. In addition to pinyin, the iPhone also gives you the option of drawing characters on the screen as you would actually...
I don't buy this argument, and even if he is right about the situation in the US I'm not sure how he's extrapolating the worldwide drop from the US decline. Has he factored in the fact that in China, most people pay full-price for their phones?Right, Chinese are too poor to afford iPads. Just like they they are too poor to afford luxury cars, such as Bentley.http://www.insidermedia.com/insider/...mes-top-market
I see this being quoted, but has anyone fact-checked this? The Chinese labour law is very clear, and yes OT pay is mandatory, however I wasn't aware that the cap on hours worked/week was so low.
You are right, this ride is far from over.
I'm in the same boat as you *were* - I plan to upgrade but it's not yet being sold where I live.
I'm also hoping for a split, mainly because it will make it easier to sell covered calls.
One thing that amazes me is how they were able to increase the battery capacity by 70% (42.5Wh vs 25 Wh) with so little impact on the overall thickness of the device. According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPad_2) the battery in the iPad2 was 2.5mm (1/10") thick, which is actually a lot thinner than what I was expecting. So just by increasing the thickness of the battery by 1mm would make a big difference in the capacity.
I agree. The prediction I made a year ago was that we would see $1000 by next Jan. This was looking a bit shaky with the unforeseen events last year, but not so anymore.
This year is going to be quite exciting for Apple (the company, users, fanboys, shareholders, etc.) - the New iPad is just a preview of things to come. I could see there being a new 15" MBA, as has been rumored. I also predict that the MBP line will get "Retina" (4K) displays, to provide differentiation from the MBA and also to maintain higher ASPs. The extra thickness of the MPB (even if it ends up being thinner than the current version) will allow for a bigger battery to...
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