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This year is going to be quite exciting for Apple (the company, users, fanboys, shareholders, etc.) - the New iPad is just a preview of things to come. I could see there being a new 15" MBA, as has been rumored. I also predict that the MBP line will get "Retina" (4K) displays, to provide differentiation from the MBA and also to maintain higher ASPs. The extra thickness of the MPB (even if it ends up being thinner than the current version) will allow for a bigger battery to...
The funny thing is that $718 is still too low (IMHO)...Last year I made a somewhat bold prediction, I don't think anyone took me seriously at the time (based on the lack of replies):http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...97#post1790097Note that this prediction was made without the knowledge of any of the "bad" things that happened last year. That said, if Apple can keep the momentum going and there are no further economic or natural disasters this year (the "bull...
Thanks for the response. Our iPad 1 is running quite well on 5.0.1 so I wasn't expecting there to be much of a gain with 5.1, especially since Apple didn't "advertise" any performance improvements with 5.1. It looks like my assumptions were wrong.
Thanks for the detailed response. Looks like I need to update "my" iPad 1, once I find a chance to prior it out of my wife's hands... I am, however, happy to report that battery life on my iPhone 3GS is greatly improved with the upgrade to 5.1 - yesterday with 12 hrs of standby (wi-fi was turned on, but not connected to any hotspots) the battery indicator dropped by only 27%. Prior to the update I was getting around 3%-4%/hr battery drop in the same non-usage scenario (the...
"Any publicity is good publicity" Besides I think Apple's PR department has done a great job handling these accusations.
That would be me, I'm really looking forward to the upgrade later this year.
What kinds of improvements have you seen with the upgrade to 5.1? I have an original iPad running 5.0.1, and while I've already upgraded the iPhones in the household to 5.1 I haven't bothered yet with the iPad since the battery improvements aren't as needed there. Though I suppose with the in-device upgrade there's really little reason not to.
They probably loaded the RAW files using the iPad Connection Kit.I was thinking the same thing, that would be pretty cool if iPhoto for iOS could access a remote iPhoto library (note: this is different from syncing photos) and allowed you to make edits to photos in that remote library. That said, I'd be more interested if there was a way to access and modify a remote Aperture library from the new iPad. As it stands right now, we haven't quite yet reached the "post-PC" era.
With 5.1, the camera can always be accessed from the lockscreen - there's no need to double click the home button.
This article is poorly written. The upcoming software fix for the iPhone 4S will not allow it to access China Mobile's 3G network, rather it is meant to resolve voice issues. Accessing China Mobile's TD-SCDMA 3G network would require new hardware.
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