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You are correct - there is no number portability in China. And there probably won't be for a long time.
I would think that this would be a big a challenge. Even speakers of the "common" Mandarin dialect will have different accents depending on where they're originally from.
That was from a year ago - the latest figure I saw (which, granted was a few months back and could also be out of date) was that China holds $1.2 trillion in US bonds.
I am running SL on my Air (the original, rev A) and while I usually use it plugged in (and therefore don't have battery life stats to compare), I have noticed that the fans seem to come on more often than they did before (fans <-- more heat <-- greater CPU utilization <-- larger power draw). If they fix this problem in a future Lion patch, then I'll consider upgrading.
In otherwords, they will work to bribe the right people and/or bribe more. It's easier/cheaper to throw a few 10k in bribes to the local government's environment department than to spend $millions upgrading factories.
I've seen it, otherwise I wouldn't have believed it either. A lot of outsiders look at statistics such as avg income, etc. to assess purchasing power. But purchasing power alone doesn't tell the whole story - what they're missing is what I like to call purchasing ambition. All you have to do is visit any mall here. Forget about the shoppers - what's telling is the number of workers at the mall shops using an iPhone 4. These young workers most likely make around 500-600...
Also interesting is slide 25, though I think they are understating the actual #'s (there is a lot of grey income over here that doesn't get reported), but if you just consider the growth rate that's quite stunning. If true it also means that the property bubble here won't collapse anytime soon, though it is hard for me to grasp how high real estate prices could go given that I have already watched the price of my apartment here triple-quadruple in the last 5 years. In...
Japan is hurting right now. Sales of luxury goods have also fallen in general, not necessarily because people can't afford them, but rather the events of this year have made a lot of folks reconsider what is most important.
Thanks for posting this, slide 7 confirms something that I have suspected through observation (that China is already the top market for 7-series and 5-series). I'm pretty sure they will take the #2 spot from the US this year. Could you also post the info for MB? MB isn't quite as popular as BMW over here (aside from the S-class, go figure), though now with local production of the C- and E-class it is expected to grow.
For locally produced models (3-series, 5-series, C-class, E-class) the price difference is closer to 50-60%. Yes, they're still overpriced (IMHO) but that doesn't seem to be stopping the Chinese nouveau riche or nouveau wannabes. However, you are right for imported models the price can be double or triple that of the US. Though much of that is also due to higher taxes, especially for models with larger displacement engines (larger than 2.5L). But this makes it even more...
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