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Man oh man, how can these execs be so out to lunch? Funny, but at the same time so sad.
I'm not trying to put down the iPad 2, but I wonder how much of this is due to the improvements in iOS 4.3?That's great to hear. My only complaint about the original iPad was the weight/holding comfort. I'm glad to hear that the iPad 2 is improved in this regard, even if on paper it may not appear to be that much of an improvement.
It wouldn't surprise me at all if this were the case.I was wondering when someone would point that out. The margins on those smart covers must be huge, much more than on the iPad - that is the genius of it all. I passed on the Apple case when I got my original iPad, opting for a much cheaper (but uglier) aftermarket one. When I upgrade to the iPad 2, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a smart cover, possibly in leather.
You said this better than I could. I would just like to address his point about consumers being "tricked" into spending more money (on newer models). The reason why folks are willing to upgrade so frequently is not because Apple is "tricking" them. It's because Apple is doing something right. Apple has been a disruptive force on 3 separate occasions - iPods/iTunes, iPhone, and now, iPad. Each time the established players doubted and laughed, and later found themselves...
Very interesting, I think this will take sales away from some specialized home A/V systems. I envision having an iPod touch or an iPad in each room, docked to an A/V device. For more rooms and/or situations where simultaneous video feeds are requested and could saturate the wireless network, just have several wireless routers each serving a subset of the rooms (configure the routers to use different channels). As long as gigabit ethernet is used to link the server and...
What I found interesting was that they claim Apple will in fact support CM's homegrown standard (TD-LTE). Of course this public statement could just be some tactic to pressure Apple.
This is very narrow thinky. You cannot look at per capita GPD, or per capita income either for that matter. The wealth distribution here is very skewed. That said, even those at the lower rungs of the urban salary range will eagerly spend one or two months of their salary on a flashy phone (iPhone) and now tablet (iPad). Compared to Chinese consumers, consumers in the west are cheapskates. It's funny as folks here will save for a year or two to buy a car (in cash, btw -...
I think it's just the simple matter of supply not being able to keep up with demand. And Apple has decided that a shortgage in China will cause less damage than shortages elsewhere, especially since those other places were plagued with shortgages early on and have now reached supply/demand equilibrium (I'm thinking specifically of the US and HK). IMHO, this is good news that they underestimated the demand from China. BTW, grey market iPhone 4s from HK are currently selling...
It's not just the new rich, I think a lot of folks in the west don't understand that even the "common" folks here are willing to spend 1 or 2 months of their salary on a hot tech gadget such as an iPhone or iPad. Once Apple gets established here (through the opening of new stores across China in a year or two), the numbers will absolutely knock your socks off. I can see Apple stock hitting $1000 in 2 years, seriously.
In fact I heard that the iPhone 4 is 6 months backordered here.
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