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Well there were quite a few of them in this recent thread:http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=115922 I've voiced my opinion on this subject there as well, but this excerpt pretty much sums things up: "I feel that Apple is about to reach a tipping point in China - nearly everyone that plays with my iPad ends up buying one for themselves (or asks me to bring them one from the US). Apple obviously realizes the same and it's why they are planning to open so many...
Did you try the "Transfer Purchases from "iPhone"" in iTunes? If this doesn't work on your Mac, find a different computer (PC or Mac will work), install iTunes, transfer the purchases from your iPhone to that computer, and then copy the missing .ipa back to your Mac (dragging it into iTunes on your Mac should do the trick).
Some good points have been brought up here, so I won't repeat them. I just wanted to add that the Chinese are the most ostentatious group I have ever encountered. The thing that Chinese people fear the most, aside from being poor, is being mistaken by others for being poor. There's a distinct social pecking order here which is driven by how wealthy others think you are, and which affects how others treat you (well) and how you can treat others (badly). This has a very...
I think all of these wealth rankings/surveys actually underestimate the true wealth. There are a lot of rich folks here sitting on "black money" (there's a reason why they like to pay in cash).
That's right - you can use the iPhone on China Mobile but only 2G (including GPRS).
Ah! I didn't know that but it makes sense. That's very smart of Porsche - the 911 isn't very practical here in China, the Cayenne outsells it by quite a wide margin. It was obviously the right call as I've been seeing at least one or two Panameras nearly every day on my regular commute these few weeks. It's starting to catch up to the Cayenne as China's most favoured Porsche.
I was at Xidan Joy City mall a few weeks ago and noticed what appeared to be construction of a new Apple store going on. There wasn't much to see actually as they had covered the windows with black paper, but the big white Apple logo and URL to Apple's China website sort of gave it away. It appears that the new store will be two levels - going from F1 (main level) down to B1. I took some photos of the B1 level with my iPhone but again it's not too exciting, if the...
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