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What's the price of the unsubsidized iPhone 5 at the Apple Store? Is it $649/749/849?
  That's a good point about the maps change. However, my 3GS is running much better on iOS 6 than it did with 5.1.1 so I'm going to keep mine at iOS 6. I'm really happy that Apple kept support for the 3GS, even though I'll be getting my 5 in a couple of days. At least my 3GS will be a more usable hand-me-down.
  You are missing out! I've upgraded my 3GS to iOS 6 and I am impressed by how much better it runs in most cases. I don't see why you would stay on iOS 5, unless you need your phone to be jailbroken. My 3GS was lagging pretty bad after I upgraded to iOS 5 but with iOS 6 the lag has been noticeably reduced. No it's not absolutely lag-free now, but it's at least it's acceptable now. For example, with iOS 5 if I wanted to take a photo I'd have to wait 6-8s before the camera...
  This sounds like the problem that festerfest's friend is experiencing.
  I too don't see how it that would be difficult. In fact, I'm currently in China and when I click on the "Data from Autonavi, others" I can see that it's already getting maps data from other sources for Australia and New Zealand:   http://gspa21.ls.apple.com/html/attribution.cn.html
  I checked with my 3GS (HK) running iOS 6, mine is using Autonavi data for China and there is no satellite data outside of China. Map data outside of China (at least for North America) is quite mediocre - in fact I just found and reported a problem with a mislabeled highway.
  That's odd, could you report back on how your friend's 5 behaves? I just updated my 3GS (HK) to iOS 6 and will try out the maps tonight and will report back. I will also try out my 5 (Canada) when I get it next week. My wife has a 4 (Canada), however I have not gotten around to upgrading it yet (she doesn't like it when I mess around with her phone).
  Are both of your phones using the same language settings?   There was an interesting behaviour pre-iOS 5 - iPhones purchased in China were showing different maps data vs. iPhones purchased elsewhere. The most obvious was that all the map names were in Chinese (instead of English), however there were also some interesting differences regarding disputed territories. It turned out that iOS was using the hardware version to determine which maps data to use (in either case...
  That's a good point - it is normal for business people here to have more than one mobile phone/number. China Mobile also has some of the cheapest pre-paid "plans", which would also explain their popularity.   To give you an idea of the costs here: I myself am on China Mobile with a pre-paid account. I have signed up for a couple of monthly "packages" - for 5 RMB ($0.79 US)/month I get unlimited free incoming calls and outgoing calls at a reduced rate (I don't remember...
  I agree. Pretty much everyone living in the cities here will have a mobile phone (including the migrant workers making just $100 US/month). A mobile phone really is considered a necessity over here, and can also be status symbol. I have posted about this before - if you're interested you can take a look at my past posts.
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