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  More than in the US
  Here's a datapoint - I upgraded from a 3GS and my wife upgraded (or rather, I upgraded her) from a 4.   The way it usually works in our household is that the "boss" gets the latest and I get the hand-me-down. We don't buy every generation - we previously went from a 2G to the 3GS then to the 4. This time, the plan was that one of us would get the 5 - if it were me, then my wife would be content to stay with the 4. If it were my wife who got the 5, then I would upgrade...
  I agree, this looks quite tame compared to the recent anti-Japan riots.
  Yes, mine did get delivered on the 21st.
  Well, well, now according to UPS it went out for delivery this morning and will ship by EOD today (9/21)! Sweet!
  It's a way to make additional gains on your long holdings.   I personally haven't bothered, for several reasons.
  My only computer in my home right now is a rev A Air which I purchased as a refurb in 09 - it's mainly used for light web browsing. And I really do mean light browsing, as that thing gets really slow once you go on the Flash-heavy sites. I've been long overdue for an upgrade, but I've been making do with my laptop (PC) from work. I've just been issued a new laptop at work but they've now become very strict about what we can and cannot install, so now is the time to...
  Yesterday morning my order status was unchanged, but in the evening I received a shipment notification email. In the email the "left Apple" date was 9/17 and the "receive it" date was 9/25. I was expecting it to show up earlier, but no big deal. I guess the demand really has been staggering.
   You mean, "HYNIX flash memory module" (not RAM). The RAM is part of the A6 packaging.
  Ok, that makes sense. Thanks
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