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  Hey there, I remember you - we pre-ordered at the same time.
  What do you do between the time that your contract expires and you get your iPhone 5? Do you switch to a pre-paid plan? Or does your carrier let you continue month-to-month at the same rates as your previous contract? Sorry if this is an obvious/stupid question, I haven't been on a contract in many years.
  I'm one of those people. I am tempted by the rMPB but I don't need the mobility so I'm going to wait to see what the refreshed iMacs are like before making my final decision.
  That's how it's looking to me. I ordered mine within 10 minutes of the start of pre-orders, and they are still showing as deliverying on 9/21-9/25 (current status is "Preparing for Shipment").
  A lower share price would definitely make it easier to trade covered options.
  Rumours are that China Mobile will start offering nano-SIM's as early as the end of this month!   http://www.chineseindustrynews.com/china-mobile-has-began-purchase-of-nano-sim-card-and-will-start-selling-in-the-near-future/
  My order status is now "Preparing for Shipment" - yay! The delivery date is still the same, however.
I asked this question in another thread but it's more appropriate here, so... any guesses as to which version will support TD-LTE on China Mobile?
  Isn't it two GSM versions and one CDMA version?   Along the same lines, any guesses as to which version will be compatible with TD-LTE on China Mobile? Or will they introduce another variant just for China Mobile?
  You are correct about the Cdn $ being a bit stronger than the US $ right now, however the price of an iPhone 5 (unlocked) in Canada purchased from Apple is $699 + taxes. Sales tax varies by province, in Ontario you will pay 13% sales tax for a total of $789.87. The unlocked iPhone 5 isn't available yet in the US, however indications are that it will sell there for $649 (+ taxes). Depending on region, you could end up saving $100 or more by buying in the US.   I had the...
New Posts  All Forums: