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  I'm haven't read the article completely, but I think it is referring to phones that were originally subsidized by a carrier and then subsequently "unlocked". I'm not sure what's going on there, but if you buy an unlocked phone from Apple it will truly be unlocked.
  Thank you for this. So I made the "right" decision by pre-ordering the 5 instead of waiting a year for it to come down in price. For my needs, I'd be perfectly satisfied with the 4S but the price difference between that and the 5 wasn't really that large. And I'm also guessing that some of the new features of the 5 will end up being more significant than they first appear (for example the rear-facing mic and noise cancellation).
  Nothing that a bit of sandpaper can't solve. And I'll be able to reuse that sandpaper for when I get an iPad mini. :)   All kidding aside, my concern is if I try cutting a micro-SIM (actually I'll be starting with a regular SIM that has already been cut to micro-SIM size), will I end up cutting into the chip inside? I guess there's only one way to find out. :) Good thing that getting a replacement SIM is dirt cheap over here.
  This is nothing new - Canadians are used to paying more than their neighbours down south for many things. It's just become more obvious lately with the Cdn $ being pretty much equal to the US $.
  Thanks Peter for this - originally I didn't think much of the 16:9 on the new iPhone/iTouch, but after reading your post I've been enlightened. I think you nailed it on the head - this is part of Apple's long-term strategy for taking over the living room.   Any guesses on when we'll see a 16:9 iPad?
  I think they intentionally limited the pre-order supply in order to ensure there would still be long lineups in front of the Apple stores in the days/nights leading up to 9/21. It's free publicity after all. I'm guessing once 9/21 rolls around we will see the est. delivery dates quickly come in.
  I assumed he was referring to photos taken with the camera of the phone, which for the 4S and 5 seem to range from 2MB - 3.5MB in size per photo. Of course if you want to keep these photos on your phone just so that you can view them, then it makes sense to use iTunes to sync the photos back to the phone in photo albums (rather than keeping them in the camera roll). I believe that as part of this process iTunes will automatically downsize the photos (if not then you can...
  True, and this is probably why I don't feel guilty at all about spending this much money on their gadgets.
  I am very tempted by the rMBP! I don't really need mobility, but I really want that display.
  Audi will most likely come out with a new cable that has the Lightning connector, though it will probably cost you an arm and 2 legs.   And in case someone misreads my last reply, just to set the record straight I have never vandalized anyone's property. The "worst" we ever did was set a small Christmas tree on fire outside of my friend's dormitory - we were actually a bit stunned by how quickly it went up in flames. We didn't have much time to admire our work as a...
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