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  I have a feeling it's the latter!
  Both the US and Canada stores are now showing delivery as 2 weeks! Given the fast international rollout, I doubt this time it's because of supply issues. It looks like Apple is off to another record-breaking release.
  FWIW, when I checked out (using my Apple ID) it already had my credit card and billing address on file. It did ask me to enter a shipping address, which happens to be the same as my billing address however I do see both listed separately on my order. By the way, this was ordering through the Apple Canada store (phones are unlocked and unsubsidized).
  Chrome worked fine for me...
  Yeah, Apple probably has their fancy server farm handling these orders.   What's surprising to me is the total lack of guilt about having just spent over $1600 (including taxes)! I suppose this is the Apple magic/Steve RDF at work.
  I was thinking that some luxury cars might have a dedicated iPhone dock - but I wouldn't know as I don't drive one. If it's just a wired connector then it's not too bad.   Sorry to hear about your wife's side view mirror. Sounds like the doing of some drunk college students... oh the memories!
  Interesting, my order says "Delivers 9/21-9/25" though I ordered though the Apple Canada store (and the iPhones will be delivered to a Canadian address). Anyways, as long as it gets delivered that week I'll be ok.   Your note about the order not being cancellable intrigued me so I checked my order and it says the same ("Not eligible to edit or cancel"). However, when I click on the "Why?" it explains that we will be able to edit/cancel the order once they begin...
  Excellent, thanks for the reassurances Cash907! This is my first time pre-ordering, so it's all very new and exciting to me.
  I dunno, it's worded pretty clearly to me. But I think it is wrong.   Oh yeah, I forgot about the cars with OEM 30-pin connectors. Guess Apple really screwed you guys there. Hopefully there's an elegant solution.
Another question - is the pre-ordering really a queue? As in, orders will be processed in the order that we pre-ordered?   Just trying to determine my chances of receiving my "present" on 9/21.
New Posts  All Forums: