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  Try clearing your browser cache/cookies or switching to private browsing mode.
  The no-contract option is not available yet in the US.
  That's strange, my ISP is in Hong Kong and I've had no problems accessing the Apple Store since it came back online (albeit 4 minutes later than scheduled).
  Haha, where were you guys 1/2 an hour ago? Anyways, I'll remember the app for next time (though I didn't have any problems ordering online this time, aside from having to wait an extra 4 minutes for the Apple Store to come online).
  I just finished pre-ordering 2 unlocked phones from the Apple Store (Canada) - I couldn't decide which colour I liked best so I ordered 1 of each. The estimated delivery date shows as 9/21-9/25.   One thing I noticed - on the Accessories page, it says the following:   Additional Lightning to 30-pin Adapter Your iPhone includes a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for connecting 30-pin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector. Purchase this additional adapter to...
It's alive!!
  Did you order from the Apple Store?   *edit* Nevermind I see you were ordering from AT&T
It's 0:02 PST and the Apple Store is still offline!   Did all of us constantly hitting "refresh" kill it?
  It looks like the Apple Store is late??
1 minute to go!
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