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  I'll be ordering from Apple (Canada) since I need an unlocked phone.
  Thanks Dean! The limit of 2 seems to sound familiar to me.   The reason for question #2 is that I'm currently overseas so I'll need to ask someone to bring it back for me. Is there anyone who pre-ordered and did not get their phone within a week of the official launch?
Firstly, I'm happy to be part of this pre-order party.   Secondly, while we are waiting I have a few questions:   1) What kind of limit has Apple placed in the past on pre-ordering iPhones (unsubsidized)?   2) For those who successfully pre-order, when can we expect to receive our iPhones?
  The iPhone 6 will feature AirTouch technology - no longer will you touch the screen, rather you just need to gesture with your thumb and these gestures will be picked up by the 3-axis infrared tracking sensors. Since screen size will no longer be restricted by thumb-span, this will allow Apple to upgrade the screen to a 5.5" Retina 4K screen.   The iPhone 7 will have a similar design and form factor as the iPhone 6, but will feature a 5.5" Retina 4K 3D screen.
  I have a strong feeling that the store is going to stay unavailable until 0:00 PST/03:00 EST.
  I looked at the two photos in that comparison, and while we can't read too much into it because it is not a controlled comparison, I don't detect any differences in dynamic range (look at the shadows in the trees).   That said, the two photos were taken in remarkably similar circumstances - similar weather conditions, and judging from the EXIF - near identical scene brightness and similar time of day (the 4S photo was taken on 7/14 at 13:15 while the 5 was taking on...
  Don't get me wrong - I'd be more than happy with the image quality from the 4S. I'm still using a 3GS, and while the camera improvement between 3GS and 4 was very large, the 4 still wasn't quite there for me as a replacement for a P&S. The 4S on the other hand is. That is why I'm actually deciding between upgrading my wife's 4 to a 5 and my 3GS to a 4S, or getting 5's for the both of us. I'm actually waiting to see if they lower the price of the unlocked 4S (it was $549...
  From the reports of the iPhone event as well the info on Apple's website (http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/), my impression is that the camera changes amount to making the lens assembly smaller and various software tweaks (such as the "better" NR). We won't know for sure until somebody does a teardown.
How come this article is no longer listed on the main page of this site?
Patience my friend. I'm wondering if they will update the price of the unlocked 4S (it was $549 yesterday).
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