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  Apple's online store is showing $549 as the price of the unlocked 4S 16GB:   http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_iphone/family/iphone/iphone4s   Has the price already been reduced? I thought the unlocked price was originally higher than this?
  I agree that it looks really nice. I'm actually having trouble deciding between the white and black versions - the white with the aluminum back looks stunning, while the black looks very "masculine". I think white has the edge for me, but I would need to see them both in person. One "solution" would be to get one of each - for the wife and myself. I see what you did there Apple!
  The camera improvements remain to be seen. The way I read it is that they've "improved" the noise reduction. I downloaded the sample photos from Apple's site, and even these photos taken during bright lighting conditions show signs of noise reduction. Don't get me wrong - I'd be perfectly happy having the iP4S/5 as a P&S replacement, I'm just saying not to expect big improvements without a significant sensor change.   Along the same lines, some folks are complaining...
  I also feel that the iPad Mini will not be priced at $199 - that would just kill the iTouch. And killing the iTouch doesn't make sense to me either. Instead, I think they will either price it at $299 or they will drop the iTouch to $149 and price the iPad Mini at $249.
  It's definitely a consideration for publically-listed companies.
  That is a very good question. However, one thing to consider is that here in China iPhone users are likely to upgrade every year, even those who signed up for 2yr plans. Given that the 5 is expected to have a design change, then there will be even greater uptake here (compared with those upgrading from the 4 to 4s) as the iPhone is definitely a status symbol here and the Chinese like to show-off their so-called status.
  LOL! That's how it works in our household as well - my old 2g and the 3GS that I'm currently using were both hand-me-downs from my dear wife, though to be fair she did "downgrade" back to her old Nokia and let me use the 2G prior to getting the 3GS. She is currently on the 4 (not 4s). One of us will upgrade to the 5 when it comes out - if it's me then I think she will be content to stay with her 4 (assuming that the flaky home button can be fixed). If she wants the 5...
  I'd get one for my mother-in-law - she likes using apps on her iPhone but I can tell that she struggles sometimes with the small size. I think an iPad mini would be perfect for her. I probably would find use for one too, since I can't seem to get our regular iPad out of my wife's hands.
Is it simply mirrored or can you have the desktop extend to all 4 displays? I'm guessing it's the latter, but I wanted to make sure as it sounds too good to be true.
  Yes, the 40% increase in seating capacity also looked suspicious to me. But it's actually plausible - have a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_777#Specifications
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