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I've had to resort to 'Jon's Phone Tools' to enable autodialling up to OS 10.3.9. I'm hoping that Tiger will allow autodialling but I cannot find any mention of it in the descriptions. Anyone know? Thanks
So is this 5th Avenue Apple Store going to be beside the FAO Schwartz? Expensive toys for adults and children, a perfect match!
In the dysfunctional early-mid '90s, Apple made all kind of crazy products. Scanners, digital cameras, natural keyboards, external hard drives, external speakers, external CD drives, not to mention a whole line of printers (mostly rebadged Canons and HP's though). Slashing all that was one of steve jobs' first big moves when he came on board. It was kind of cool, though, and i expect some of the more obscure stuff will be collectible at some point. A lot of the...
What's tacky about carbon fiber? It's a material, not a fashion trend. Admittedly, what is unspeakably tacky is that fake carbon fiber silver/black checkered look that was slightly popular a few years ago. Real carbon fiber is way too expensive to be tacky (speaking as someone who just spent $2000 on a carbon fiber cello case )
Does technology to allow the holographic display even exist? However, i think the concept is good. When i saw the Bose iPod dock thingy, i immediately thought 'it should have a projection of the iPod's screen onto the wall behind it. That is well within the realm of possiblitiy, and wouldn't even be that expensive, i think. It would look similar to nsousansousa's mockups in this thread except that the image would be thrown onto the wall behind the device. That,...
Nevermind, i figured it out. You have to take the DVDPlayer framework from a pre-10.3.3 Panther install and replace the copy in your /System/Library/Frameworks folder. Then it works.
I have an older iMac that doesn't have a built in DVD drive, but has an external Firewire DVD-ROM drive. In this situation, OS X's DVDPlayer app will usually refuse to start up, citing the fact that the machine doesn't have a DVD drive. Last summer, i managed to use some hack or patch to convince DVDPlayer to recognize the external drive, but after reformatting the machine, it's back to the default setting, and i can't for the life of me remember how i got it...
I don't think adding ram affects the warranty.
Nice looking mockups, but i'm 99.9% sure you just saw a regular Cinema Display reflecting the light funny or something. It's not the first time that the Cinema Display has been mistaken for aluminum in a photo. I do not think many people at Apple have access to secret new products. Least of all some guy doing a 'learn to use OS X' presentation to a MUG. -robo
I thought it was amazing. I think you are an idiot.
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