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  If my memory serves me right, those are pre-first gen iPhone mockups.
  Anecdotally, from what I've seen, "Galaxy" has overtaken "Android" as a brand big time.  Samsung has a lot of choices if they want to ditch Google - FirefoxOS, Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch are all coming along well, not to mention that Samsung is working on Tizen.  Tizen has the holy grail Samsung needs to ditch Android - the capability to run unmodified Android apps.
  I saw someone walked into a busy washroom at the ski hill the other weekend wearing a go-pro. I've never seen someone get so many simultaneous stink-eyes.
  My understanding, based solely on my own experience from actual use, is that it "learns" completely separately for each language.
PhilBoogie, Why not use the international settings to swap between multiple keyboards? It adds a "globe" key to the keyboard to switch, so it's really fast.  I'm a bilingual user too and I find it great.  Especially for automatically adding accents :)
Omg hardware, software AND Internet? That's so cool!
Okay "xBox" is one thing, but "pC"? Really?
  Unless they hired him/her to try and fix the "awful color saturation." ;)   Of all the features currently in iOS, IMHO multitasking is near the top of the list of ones that could use some innovation/improvement.  How many years has the multitasking system been around exactly as is? In the same time, iTunes, Music, Video, iBooks, Maps and so on have all seen redesigns and/or upgrades.
Cool invention. Antennas are one of the areas that there's still a ton of room for innovation/improvement.
Doubt it - making something TEMPEST safe takes a lot more work than removing the wifi and bluetooth chips. It takes shielding the remaining components, I imagine by the time you're done it wouldn't look remotely like an iPad anymore.This is just for facilities with no-camera or no-wifi rules.
New Posts  All Forums: