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Nah the camera in the 4S is good enough  ;)  Wait... then how was the picture with the 3 phones taken? 
      Isn't this kind of indicative of the overall Android situation? Inefficient/bloated software fighting fast hardware?  The loser in the battle being battery life/device size.  The important part here being even if you *can* strip out some bloat, the vast majority of users *won't*.   I'd be curious to see the results of a jailbroken iPhone 5 with all unnecessary background process killed.  Not so much to one-up the tuned Android phones, more so to measure the "bloat"...
Not only is Apple copying the packaging material, they're copying the idea of copying their competitors!
I find the whole blueprint argument hilarious.... regardless of whether this is a blueprint or not, it's an antiquated term that would get you laughed at in any modern engineering office. See the second sentence here: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blueprint It's a drawing
mrrodriguez, you asked why people are upgrading, then said the 4S is a good device. You never actually asked "why would anyone want to upgrade from a 4S". Besides from what I see, no one is actually arguing with you, let alone saying what you said is blasphemy.... Everyone is either upgrading from an older device, in a special circumstance (ie give 4S to relative), or just has too much money on their hands.
  Because my contract was up in June and my 4 is missing A LOT of the iOS 6 features.  Not everyone has a 4S...   That being said, I doubt many 4S owners will upgrade.  Just like I'm not going to upgrade to a "5S" or whatever they call it.  I think it's a pretty safe guess that Apple internally plans on people being on a 2 or 3 year upgrade cycle.  Just watch what features won't be supported on the 4S when iOS 7 is announced.
I wonder if it's possible for Apple at some point to implement a secure, NFC-free payment scheme? Something like: 1. POS displays a QR code representing payment data (amount, destination) 2. Phone reads QR code 3. Phone presents payment data to user for confirmation and PIN/password input 3. Phone displays new QR code containing both "public" payment card number (different from the actual associated CC/debit card number) as well as a hash of the amount, destination,...
  No, 4S II comes next, geez haven't you learned anything from Samsung?
Random theory: The reason the FBI had this list is that they're investigating an ad agency/network that has been tracking this information. Or someone has been trying to sell this list?     Not that I'm trying to defend the FBI, I just think something doesn't add up.  A massive csv list just doesn't seem to make sense... if they were using it internally, would it not be in some sort of database to make it more searchable and editable?   A csv sounds more like a...
Sadly with Apple's drive to make thin and light devices this is is becoming a less and less viable use
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