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  If our speculation pans out... it would have extra work to do with respect to securely storing payment card info and the fingerprint reader.  It would make sense to have them all in one chip, that way even with the full system compromised by hypothetical malware, your "card" data is safe.  Design it such that once payment data is programmed in, the phone can never request it back from the chip, period.  All the chip will do is allow the negotiation of one payment per...
Look at the top right of the chip, just behind it.  You can see the edge of a wide+narrow something set into the assembly.  Previous photos showed a hole in this location right up the the paint on the back of glass.  Is this the fingerprint sensor?  Perhaps hooked up directly to the NFC chip for added security?  It seems to be the right dimensions, if you imagine it extending under the chip.
  If hypothetically I was thief and tried to grab-and-dash with someone's device and had an alarm like that go off, my first reaction would be to throw the device at the ground as hard as I could to shut it up before continuing to run away.  Not my device anyways, all I'd care about at that point is getting away....
  Public response by Apple confirms the leak. They been avoiding it more and more over the years.  I bet they're still doing everything they can to track down the sources of the leaked parts, though, just privately.   Maybe they need to start "leaking" failed prototypes?  That would confuse the hell out of everyone lol.   EDIT: even better, leak prototypes with subtle but fatal flaws.  With any luck Samsung will copy them :P
  Ideas, not complete products.  There's a big difference.
    For me, in order most important first, End of Contract + Bigger Screen + 64GB capacity + Spec bump + Metal Back + Siri.  Yup Siri does that little for me. I never liked the glass back of my 4, I wished it was brushed metal since the day I got it.
Why does Apple only require the last 4 digits of your CC number to verify your account?  In addition to other sources, those show up on paper receipts all the time... perfect puzzle piece for social engineering schemes, especially when you know the victim in person. So many people are careless with CC receipts.   The whole "customer service reps would have to have access to the whole number" thing doesn't make any sense.  Just: 1. Rep asks for your full CC...
  Thousands is an exaggeration, but major Canadian cities are in general denser than American cities... American ones tend to be very sprawled out.  In other words Apple could hit more customers per area of coverage in Canada than the states.  That being said I'm not holding my breath for more Canadian being done... maybe they'll add Vancouver but I bet that'll be it for a while.
  Agreed.  But it is sadly true.  I die a little inside every time I see a user who has no clue at all whatsoever how the file system is arranged.  It's depressingly common on both the Mac and PC sides.
I hope the update to iWork includes retina support.  I tried enabling it and got a bunch of weird glitches so I had to turn it back off.   Also, iCloud needs better cached file coherency. When it works as they describe, it's great, but for some reason when sharing Pages/Numbers documents between my iPhone<->wife's iPhone<->iPad, it'll inexplicably decide to use days-old versions from the local cache rather than downloading the latest version from iCloud.  It's not a...
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